"Married at First Sight: Second Chances" finale was on Thursday, July 6. David Norton decided not to choose Isabella or Tara. Therefore, he is not engaged after his second chance. Vanessa Nelson's final two suitors were Shannon and Andre. In the end, Andre proposed and Vanessa said, "Yes." They are happily engaged.

Proposal to no one

According to social media, David is a hated man because he took a page out of Brad Womack's playbook. Womack was on Season 11 of "The Bachelor" and shocked the nation on November 20, 2007, when he did not propose to anyone.

Some people called Norton a fake, a hypocrite, a pathological liar, deceptive and dirty. They complimented Tara for calling him out when he rejected her. One person suggested that the show not to give David a third chance after he has blown it twice. They concluded that viewers don't need to see David go through this again only to end up with no one. They added that he should mess up on his own time and spare viewers the agony of watching him do so.

David's explanation

David received so many criticisms that he wrote a long and detailed explanation on his blog defending himself. He talked mostly about his decision to dump Tara than he did about dumping Isabella. Perhaps it was because the critics were expecting him to choose Tara.

However, David said he could not give viewers the fairytale ending they expected. While he would explain what happened and how he felt, he would not apologize for his final decision.

The 31-year-old bachelor said he was not going to fake being in love for the sake of a television show. He indicated if he had done that, he would not be in the relationship today.

He said he was honest about his feelings at the time, and he still stands by them today.

While David is quite aware of viewers' frustration and has seen the mean things people have said about him, he says he had to be true to himself. He believes that if he had chosen either woman, it would have blocked the happiness he knows is out there for him.

He concludes that his happy ending is coming, but it has been delayed for now.

The software account executive told the people who are against him that he is glad to see how invested they are in his life, but he can't make major decisions based on what people think about him, especially with people he will never meet. He added that he had to make decisions for himself since he is the one who has to live with them.

Even though Tara said some harsh words to David when he rejected her, David believes that was better than proposing on television and breaking up with her later. He wants Tara to know that breaking up with her was a blessing in disguise.

David wants viewers to know that he did not go on a reality show twice for 15 minutes of fame or to become popular or to make money.

He said he used that opportunity to find love which he didn't. He admitted it was hard for him to watch the finale and he understands why fans turned against him.

Watch next week's Reunion Special on Lifetime when David and Vanessa come face to face with all those they dated. While it will be good for television, it wasn't comfortable for David or Vanessa because they both were attacked while in the hot seat.