We know that Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) has an ulterior motive for hating on The Sinnerman. He warned Lucifer Morningstar that the man is dangerous. He practically hinted that Lucifer should stay away from the mysterious criminal mastermind. Of course, Marcus has his personal reasons for being cautious when it comes to The Sinnerman and it involves his brother.

Episode 9 ‘The Sinnerman’

Marcus has been vigilant ever since he heard Lucifer utter the Sinnerman’s name at the precinct. He even reminded the devil not to mention his name aloud in public.

In Episode 2, Marcus went to Lux and warned Lucifer to be cautious since the Sinnerman is someone whom he does not want to mess with. He also told Lucifer that the Sinnerman is dangerous since he killed someone he loves.

Now we finally know who this loved one Marcus talked about is. The trailer for Episode 9 revealed that the Sinnerman killed his brother. This is why Marcus has a personal vendetta against the criminal. Perhaps the lieutenant warned Lucifer to stay away from the Sinnerman because he wants to avenge his brother’s death. He does not want anyone getting in his way. If not, then perhaps he just does not want anyone else killed. After all, he has been on the criminal’s trail even before he arrived at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Lucifer vs. the Sinnerman

Of course, Lucifer did not listen to Marcus. He only became more intrigued the more Marcus warned him to stay clear of the criminal’s path. It only prompted him to find more information about the man who ordered his kidnapping, returned his wings and who removed his demon face. Lucifer wants more than ever to meet the Sinnerman and he finally gets this chance in episode 9 of “Lucifer” season 3.

According to the synopsis from Flickering Myth, Lucifer and Chloe Decker’s (Lauren German) new case leads them directly to the villain.

The pair investigates another murder that has ties to the Sinnerman. Lucifer realizes that the victim is one of the recipients of his favors. The devil worries that someone is sending him a message by killing his recipients. Of course, Lucifer thinks of the Sinnerman right away, since he too gives favors but of the nefarious kind.

Enter The Sinnerman

Their investigation eventually brings Chloe and Lucifer face-to-face with the deprived criminal mastermind. The trailer for “Lucifer” season 3 episode 9, shows the devil take a hit after the villain shoots him. Lucifer clearly looks hurt especially since Chloe is around.

Meanwhile, photos for the December 4 episode show tension at the precinct. Marcus is back at work after recuperating in the hospital. It seems he has assigned a new task force, possibly to help take down the Sinnerman. As for Lucifer, he turns to an old ally for help—Maze. Mazikeen returns in “Lucifer” season 3 episode 9 and finds out that Amenadiel has a new love interest.