"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer sparked rumors that she was addicted to prescription pills during the 2014-2015 season of the show. The Reality TV star's family and her ex-husband, Corey Simms, were extremely worried about the mom-of-three, to the point that a few pretty scary things happened on film. For example, Leah was filmed while holding her daughter Addie, then an infant, as she was nodding off mid-conversation. Fans long suspected that the reality TV star was suffering from an addiction to prescription pills, and the rumors were seemingly confirmed when she checked into a treatment facility in 2015, which was partially documented on the show.

Leah maintains her treatment wasn't for drugs

Some fans have accused Leah of being "fake," saying that she hid her treatment for drugs whereas other members of the "Teen Mom" franchise have been open about their struggles. Amber Portwood, a cast member on "Teen Mom OG," has been very candid about the fact that she went to rehab for her addictions. She also served time in jail in order to help her kick her habit, which she says she did for her daughter. Jenelle Evans, who is on Leah's version of "Teen Mom" hasn't necessarily discussed her treatments, but has openly talked about using heroin and marijuana in her tell-all book and on the television show, "Teen Mom."

Leah, however, maintains that she had anxiety and depression that were out of control and that her being away for treatment had nothing to do with drugs.

She called the experience one of the best in her life, and stated, "Treatment isn’t only for addiction. Treatment facilities aren’t just for addicts."

Fan accuses Leah of being a drug addict

Leah recently shut down an accusation that she had been in treatment for a "hardcore drug addiction." One fan of "Teen Mom," said they hated the way Leah was "allowed" to be so "fake" on the show and got such a good edit compared to some of the other moms.

Another said that Leah acts perfect and that it isn't fair because she was addicted to prescription pills just last season.

Leah actually tweeted back to the haters, something they probably didn't expect.

"Lol. You guys don’t know anything. I can’t help but ROFL," the mom-of-three wrote back.

Leah is currently focusing on living the single life and taking care of her three daughters, one of whom suffers from a very rare form of muscular dystrophy. While she has dated via Tinder on the show, she doesn't seem ready to settle down again just yet.