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It’s been over five years since ‘Running Man’s’ HaHa got married. The guy broke many hearts when the news of his marriage surfaced online. His fan-base, however, remained undeterred. The actor recently appeared on a reality program 19 TV. There are several reports indicating that the actor apparently revealed the messages exchanged between him and Miss A’s Suzy right before he got married.

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The fans are well aware of the friendship bond that HaHa and Suzy maintain. The message revealed by HaHa just goes on to suggest they are quite close as friends. According to a report published by International Business Times, after Suzy received the news of HaHa’s wedding to global singer Byul back in 2012, she immediately decided to send him an adorable text, congratulating him for the occasion and even adding something interesting towards the end.

To recall, Suzy and HaHa first met on the set of SBS’ popular variety show called ‘Running Man.’ The couple was recruited just about the same time. The stars were hired for the role of wife and husband respectively. It appears like the two started growing closer just about that time.

When Suzy first received the news of HaHa’s wedding through the numerous publications online, she immediately decided to send HaHa a message that started off with referring to HaHa as “Oppa,” and going on to talk about how happy she was when she received the news about his marriage. She even complimented the couple, saying that they look really great together.

She went on to congratulate them as well.

More regarding the marriage

She added that “Oppa” or HaHa, had promised her that he would consult her before getting a girlfriend and this being marriage, she is really mad at him for not getting her permission. All of this, Suzy apparently wrote in a joking manner. She added that her sending this note is a sign to suggest that she has permitted him to get married to Byul Unnie.

Suzy then ended the text message by wishing the couple all the best for the future.

As can be recalled, the duo had quite a memorable time on ‘Running Man,’ when they were filming together. One segment required the couple to find their respective partners before drinking flower tea. Fans must remember how happy HaHa got after he discovered that Suzy of Miss A was his partner. That particular season of ‘Running Man,’ saw the attendance of Haha and Suzy along with several other stars such as Ji Suk Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Krystal, Gyuri, Yoo Jae Suk and Seung Yeon among others.