Julian Jerome was back on "General Hospital" on Monday. At the end of the episode, he found himself looking at his estranged wife who had decided to pay him a visit in prison. Alexis chose to listen to Scott rather than Diane, and go to Pentonville to give her spouse the support he needs t keep himself alive. Scott told Ms. Davis that Julian had been beaten almost to death and did not care about his life. He said if Mr. Jerome believed his wife cared it may give him the incentive to live. Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that Julian will be released early from prison, but do indicate when or why his sentence will be lessened.

Julian will be an asset in Port Charles at this particular time

Right now most Port Charles residents are dealing with the saga of the two Jasons. Sam told the man she is living with that she is in his corner, but viewers can see she has doubts. Julian may be able to help solve the mystery of which man is the twin. Out of fear, Franco is allowing everyone to believe that Andrew is dead, even though he knows that Jason's twin is indeed one of the men who share the same memories. Julian and Alexis may even work together to help Sam find the answer she needs.

Julian's portrayer William DeVry says initially he will only be in 3 episodes, but in time his character will be back in action. Now that JaSam own all of his holdings, Mr.

Jerome will need a way to make a living, so this will be very intriguing. Spoilers also point out that if Sonny can go legit and be respected by most everyone, then so can the man who has been his rival.

Fans will be waiting for the big romantic reunion of Julian and Alexis

"Julexis" fans will be waiting with baited breath for the big moment when Julian and Alexis make love for the first time in many months.

This couple has chemistry and their love scenes are intense, which keeps the fans craving more. Ms. Davis knows she should walk away from her mobster spouse but she just cannot say no. In spite of the fact that her 3 daughters, her lawyer and most everyone else in Port Charles tells her to run and don't look back, she cannot break the attraction she has for this man.

DeVry warns that the happy reunion probably will not be anytime soon because both Alexis and Julian will try hard to stay away from each other. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 pm on ABC, to keep up with the love story of the lawyer and the mobster. Loyal fans have waited this long so a few weeks or months more should not be too difficult. Even so, loyal followers of Julexis simply want the powers that be to just bring it, and eventually, they certainly will.