Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that GH fans can expect that big things will happen soon on their favorite show. Julian Jerome will return to Port Charles in time for November sweeps. William DeVry is scheduled to make his first appearance since the summer on "General Hospital" on Monday the 6th. The former mob boss will be coming back to town in the midst of the extreme chaos that surrounds his wife, daughter, and sister. "Julexis" fans will be rejoicing as they eagerly await their favorite bad guy's romantic reunion with Alexis.

He will also be in the middle of the situation with two men both believing that they are Jason Morgan.

Julian will return to drama surrounding his family

While Julian has been locked away in Pentonville, his sister attempted reconstructive surgery in Russia and got mixed up with Patient 6. She is also having an affair with Dr. Griffin Monroe who gave up the priesthood for Ava. Mr. Jerome will also return to Port Charles to find that Sam set Alexis up on a date with her physician and his wife has mixed emotions regarding their marriage. He will also find out that there is a lot of drama surrounding Sam.

Julian will find that there are two men both claiming to be his son-in-law, and it will be interesting to find out which man he believes is the real Jason Morgan.

Sam may have to put her feelings aside and lean on her father, as well as seek his assistance in figuring out which man is her husband and the father of her children. Loyal fans, however, will be more interested in seeing Alexis find her way back to the love of her life.

The reunion between Julian and Alexis will be worth waiting for

The reunion between Alexis and her bad boy husband is one worth waiting for and will no doubt boost ratings for November sweeps. The chemistry between Nancy Lee Grahan and William DeVry is electric and Julexis fans always look forward to their love scenes. Viewers were cheated out of a final goodbye between this couple before Julian went to jail, so perhaps the writers will make up for it this time around.

Make sure you watch every can't miss episode of "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC. Things are heating up and now that Julian is returning, the mystery and intrigue can only increase. Port Charles needs someone significant to offer a distraction from the Jason/Patient 6/Andrew storyline. Mr. Jerome is the character who is most likely to offer just that.