Over the last month, one of the biggest stories to dominated the news cycle has involved former film producer Harvey Weinstein and the laundry list of allegations of sexual assault and harassment against him. In the aftermath, some are finding ways to link the now disgraced Weinstein to Donald Trump and his administration, including Bill Maher.

Maher on Trump

Over thirty years ago, Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob founded the Weinstein Company and Miramax Films. For the better part of the last three decades, Weinstein has helped build his brand into one of the most successful film companies in the country.

However, that success hit a brick wall last month when Weinstein's history of sexual assault and harassment was made public, causing an avalanche of victims coming forward. Within a week, Weinstein was forced out of the own company by the board of directors before making his way to a rehab facility. Since then, various actors, directors, and producers have been accused of similar acts, resulting in Hollywood as a whole in the uncomfortable position to be labeled with such a negative stigma. In response, conservatives and Republicans were ecstatic at the news, as they were able to use it as a talking point in their growing feud against the more liberal-leaning celebrities who so often criticize Donald Trump, especially due to the president's own history of being accused of sexual assault.

Commenting on these issues was comedian Bill Maher who decided to poke fun at Trump during a November 2 tweet.

Taking to his own Twitter account on Thursday night, Bill Maher decided to use his controversial brand of humor to link Harvey Weinstein to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner.

"Trump so anxious to distract from Russia he took a page out of Weinstein's book and jacked into a potted plant," Maher tweeted, before adding, "Then realized it was Jared."

Bill Maher's tweet is a double shot directed at both the former head of Miramax as well as Donald Trump and his son-in-law.

Maher's obvious first shot was his remark in regards to Trump attempting to deflect attention away from the ongoing investigation into Russian election inference. However, Maher's comment about "jacked into a potted plant" is in reference to Harvey Weinstein being accused of forcing women to stand near him so he can pleasure himself and finish into a potted plant.

Next up

While Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein each have their history of sexual assault and harassment allegations, it appears that comedians and talk show hosts like Bill Maher will continue to use that information against them. Maher has become one of Trump's most vocal critics, and is expected to elaborate further during the next episode of "Real Time with Bill Maher" which airs this Friday night on HBO.