In case you haven’t kept up with the recent Duggar family news Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child. She also recently took on the role of being a fully submissive wife to her husband, Austin Forsyth. As this is Joy-Anna’s first pregnancy and she is the youngest of the Duggar daughters who are married everyone is looking to find out how she is doing with her pregnancy. Well, Joy-Anna has been very secretive about her first pregnancy, but her Due Date may have just been accidentally revealed online by a blog. If you want to find out how the due date may have been revealed, continue to keep read below.

How did the due date get leaked?

Joy-Anna Duggar's pregnancy due date was supposedly revealed online on a Duggar themed Tumblr page. You see, a community moderator for the page dropped some interesting information about Joy-Anna Duggar's due date. The moderator for the page said, “According to a friend who saw Joy at a wedding a few weeks ago, she is due February 22.”

If the date that the source gave was correct, that means Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth conceived the child sometime back in late May. It is definitely safe to say that if this is true, that could mean the rumor that the two having a shotgun wedding because of relations before the marriage could be false. The two would have had a shotgun wedding because having physical relations before marriage is a big no in their very conservative religion.

If the two of them had their child out of wedlock, many fans believe that the Duggar couple would have been in a way shamed by the family as again in their religion and especially in the Duggar family, intimate relations before marriage is forbidden.

How will she deliver the child?

The next bit of information about Joy-Anna Duggar's pregnancy is about if she is going to have a Home Birth or not.

Some fans of the Duggar reality show “Counting On” believe she is going to have a home birth. This is because her mother Michelle and sisters Jill and Jessa have all attempted home births at one point. It is also worth mentioning that Jill has become a certified midwife so she could obviously help with the home birth if she wants one.

The couple announced the pregnancy to People magazine by saying “We're so happy and thankful to announce that we're expecting a baby! Every child is a precious gift from God.“ You can catch up with the family on their Duggar reality television show “Counting On.”