If you are not aware, both Josh Duggar and Derick Dillard have been kicked off the TLC family Reality Television Show “Counting On.” Josh was first one fired from the series after he had been accused of assaulting five nonconsenting women, and two of those five women were his sisters Jill and Jessa Duggar. Dillard was then later fired from the show after he made multiple transphobic remarks towards transgender Jazz Jennings. Jennings herself is a reality television personality who stars in her own series entitled “I Am Jazz.” Anyway, with both men being taken off the show many viewers are looking for Josh to come back and you can continue to read below to find out why fans are looking Josh back on the show.

Why do some fans want Josh back?

The reason for why some fans are looking Josh to appear on the Duggar reality show “Counting On” again is simple. They miss him. Many viewers of the show think that Josh has learnt from his previous issues with the law and they are willing to give him a second chance. For example, one fan said online under a Duggar Facebook post that “I pray for the day when Josh, Anna and their kids along with you, Grandma Duggar, and the kids still at home will be on TV again!” While another wrote, “Watching your sons and daughters grow up, court, fall in love, having their FIRST kiss when they marry and then have grandchildren for you have been a joy and inspiration for me.”

It is probably safe to say that Josh Duggar would have a better chance of returning to the show than Dillard.

As it has been some time since Duggar was kicked off and he has also just finished treatment for his marriage and personal issues. While Dillard was recently fired for just making some really mean remarks toward Jazz Jennings. Here is an extract of what Dillard said online about Jennings “Transgender is a myth as gender is not fluid but ordained by God.

” This caused TLC to cut ties with him, and the broadcasting company then released a statement saying that his personal views do not align with theirs.

What is Josh Duggar doing now?

As mentioned above Josh Duggar has now finished therapy for his issues, and he and his wife Anna Duggar just welcomed their fifth child Mason into the family.

The couple is also the parents of four other children Merideth, Mackynzie, Micheal and Marcus. You can keep up with the Duggar family on their TLC family reality television show “Counting On.” However, as Josh doesn’t appear in the series, you can catch up with him on his social media accounts.