If you haven’t noticed, the Duggar Family is not quite the traditional American family. I mean do you know any other families that have 19 children? That is probably a no, but surprisingly that isn’t what makes the family so different. For example, the Duggar family is a very conservative, Christian family, and they have very strict rules that all of the members must follow. A very well known rule in the Duggar family is that women have to wear skirts that go below the knees. However, once some of the girls, like Jinger, got married, and they broke that rule by wearing jeans.

Nonetheless, as you might guess, this family gets constant criticism for their moral behavior and now the mother of the family, Michelle Duggar, is getting slammed Online. You can continue to read below to find out why this mother is getting in trouble online.

Why is this mother getting criticism online?

As you all know, it was recently Thanksgiving Day, and like other families celebrating Thanksgiving, the Duggar clan decided to upload a picture of one of their Thanksgiving dinners from years ago to their social media site. The photo the family uploaded was from when the family only had 15 children and was obviously before the last four Duggar children were brought into the world. Most Duggar fans were happy for Michelle and Jim Bob for having such a healthy and sizable family.

However, some commenters thought that the family was too large and some of the children were being neglected in the family. Here is what one commenter had to say “I’m the oldest of 6, and that’s plenty enough.” While another commenter said “I feel like kids in huge families, tend to get lost in the crowd. There’s no possible way to give them one on one attention to them all.

You may think you are, but you’re just not.”

Do the large family get along?

Now, with quite a Large Family, many people are wondering if all of the Duggar children get along. Well, the answer to that may be a no, as it has been noted that there is potentially a feud between Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, and Jinger Duggar's husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

This feud apparently started because Dillard wanted to do unqualified missionary work without a church. Vuolo did not like this idea, as he is a qualified minister and he thought that missionary work without a church was dangerous to everyone involved and it also did more harm than good. The feud between the two husbands has apparently caused a rift between Jill and Jinger and apparently Michelle confirmed it on her family blog. This is allegedly what she said about the feud: “Comparing ourselves to others, envy, and jealousy all lead down a road to bitterness. Bitterness can cause us to be harsh and to mistreat others — sometimes unknowingly!” As you can tell from this extract from the blog post, Michelle wants the sisterly feud to stop so they can be friends again.