Televangelist Jim Bakker wept as he warned viewers to either buy his pancake mix or have their grandchildren will go to hell. Bakker made the appeal on "The Jim Bakker Show,” which is his television ministry with an End Time theme. Therefore, he is selling what he calls “survival buckets.” He is claiming that if people don't buy a bucket of his pancake mix, then their grandchildren will go to hell.

Emotional rant

Bakker went on an emotional rant while begging his audience to commit to buying buckets of his End Time survival food. He gave a telephone number for people to call to order his product.

If they didn't do as he instructed, they wouldn't personally suffer the consequence themselves, but their grandchildren will suffer the ultimate punishment by going to hell.

The televangelist has been in the news many times for saying things the public did not agree with. His latest prophecy tops the list of being the worst. He is threatening viewers with eternal damnation for their grandchildren unless they buy his pancake mix at $60 a bucket plus shipping cost.

Bakker brought politics into his prophecy by saying that President Donald Trump will be killed by Democrats. He believes Trump is in the position he has so people can get ready while there is still time. He is selling pancake mix because he says hunger is going to be the main issue during the end times.

To prove that he and his wife, Lori, are sincere about what they are saying, the evangelist brought out his newborn grandson as an object lesson. While holding the baby, Bakker said he could hear babies crying because they were starving.

The plea

After the tearful plea was made, the program immediately went to a commercial to show an advertisement that promotes Bakker's "Complete Grocery Store" survival package that sells for $1,500.

A comment has been made that if Bakker is that concerned, then he should give away the pancake mix instead of selling it.

When Bakker does something that puts him in the news, his disgraceful past comes up. He was convicted and served eight of 45 years of a prison sentence for 24 counts of fraud. He was dismissed from the Assemblies of God ministries because of accusations against him for using drugs and inappropriate behavior toward his secretary.

At the time, he was married to Tammy Faye Bakker. Today, along with his second wife Lori, he has a television ministry. The 77-year-old preacher believes what he says is true, and he wants others to believe him also. He is using scare tactics on those who are gullible enough to believe him.