Netflix has become one of the largest providers of entertainment to us all. When it first began, it was pretty tough to find other like-minded individuals who were part of the club. Now, it seems that everyone has a Netflix streaming account and fewer people actually get the DVDs sent to their homes. More and more people are turning to Netflix to help them relax at the end of the week. So what are most people watching on Friday nights? Many people are watching movies that have been made by Netflix. Here is a list of some of the best movies on Netflix right now.

'The Big Short'

This was definitely hiding among many other films, but it is one of the best movies out right now. If you are interested to find out more about the 2007 financial disaster, this is a must-see movie! With Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt, the acting itself is worth the watch, but the story line is gripping and very informative. It is filled with dramatic moments, but there is quite a bit of comic relief in it as well.

'The Place Beyond the Pines'

Speaking of Ryan Gosling, ''The Place Beyond the Pines'' is one of his best films thus far. This movie is about the relationship between fathers and sons. Gosling and Bradley Cooper make up a very impressive cast that takes on quite a bit of drama.

This films does focus a lot on guilt and corruption of the law as well. These two actors really do a great job showing us what can happen when corruption is involved in law enforcement.

'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'

If you have not seen this film, you are truly missing out on one of Wes Anderson's best films. Not only does Bill Murray make an amazing boat captain, but the soundtrack is amazing.

Bill Murray shows us what a washed-up captain who is aging and not sure of himself is like. He does not show his crew how he feels though, so it is an interesting look on his life after his fame. Also, if you like David Bowie, you will hear what his music sounds like in Portuguese.


This movie is about teen angst at its finest.

Christian Slater and Winona Ryder made this film the cult classic that it is today. This film focuses on high school students who are fed up with life and bullies and decide to commit suicide, but at this school, it is a lot more than an accident. This movie is known as one of the best black comedies from the late 80's.

'The Babadook'

If you are looking for an intense horror movie, this is one you will love. There is so much that happens in this film in such a short time, so be prepared to be on the edge of your seat. The movie does make you think that there may be a monster under your bed or in your closet. You will be sleeping with the lights on for a few days afterwards or looking behind the shower curtain.

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Film'

As the "Star Wars" galaxy continues to grow, ''Rogue One'' opened up a whole new real of excitement and adventure. We learn more about the developing of the Death Star and we learn more about where the new hope came from. Although the movie does not end on a light or happy note, it is filled with everything "Star Wars'" fans love. This is a must-see for anyone into the science fiction genre.

There are quite a few films on Netflix that have received a lot of critical acclaim, along with independent films that did not get a lot of promotion, but are worth watching. Keep your eyes peeled for new ones each week, and you never know what you might find.