Jenelle Evans has reached her breaking point with Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska after reportedly feuding with her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars for the past few years. According to a new report, the mother of three sent a letter of Cease and Desist to her two co-stars, who are both being accused of “defamation of character, libel, and slander,” and in the letter, Lowry and Houska are threatened with further legal action against them.

In the letter obtained by Radar Online on November 27, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska were told to stop making false and defamatory statements against Mr.

and Mrs. Eason and their family. It was also alleged that both women had allegedly made incorrect statements about Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, on their social media pages on numerous occasions, which allegedly caused “reputational harm" to both Evans and Eason.

"Such defamatory statements have the potential to impact [David Eason and Jenelle Evans]’s ability to secure employment in the future,” the letter continued. Then, in another statement, Evans made it clear that if her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars refuse to stop making defamatory statements against her, a lawsuit will be filed and monetary damages, including all attorney fees and costs, will be requested.

Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska have both responded publicly to the letter

In a tweet sent to her fans and followers on Monday, Kailyn Lowry asked why she had received a letter demanding she quit talking about someone who she simply doesn't care to speak of. Lowry also pointed out that if she did make a comment about her co-star, it was her own opinion.

She even included the hashtags, "Hi Jenelle," and "Bye Jenelle," making it clear that she was referencing Jenelle Evans' letter of cease and desist.

"I don't even talk about you," Chelsea Houska tweeted in her own post to her fans and followers on Twitter. Houska then pointed out that her co-star had accused her of using drugs a few years ago.

Jenelle Evans' issues aren't Kailyn Lowry's problem

A source close to Kailyn Lowry told Radar Online that Jenelle Evans once did heroin on national television, which is likely why she can't get a job. The source also said that after Evans publicly tweeted Lowry's cell phone number, Lowry did nothing about it.

Most recently, Kailyn Lowry replied to a GIF shared by MTV on Twitter of Kaiser crying and said, “There’s nothing funny about this.” In the GIF, Kaiser was reportedly seen begging for food during a scene that featured his mother and her husband tending to a photo shoot as he remained hungry.