We waited years for season three of "Rick and Morty." And in a flash, it was gone. Season three gave us clues, backstory, and plenty of that signature Rick charm (or lack thereof). Now what? Do we lap up sponsored shorts? Do we just wait patiently, like Mr. Poopy Butthole? Or do we venture off into the unknown, trying to fill the void, like Rick? If you would rather explore new television than spend three or four years anticipating, I’ve got a few suggestions to make the time pass quicker.


Another show by "Rick and Morty" creator Dan Harmon, "Community" is the logical next step.

It follows an ultra-diverse band of six lovable misfits through their time at Greendale Community College. While setting a show on a community college campus sounds mundane, the escapades of the Greendale Six are anything but. School-wide shenanigans ranging from paintball to blanket forts give every episode a unique flare. All episodes are streaming on Hulu (and there are plenty).

'Stranger things'

If you haven’t seen "Stranger Things" you need to stop what you’re doing and start watching. It’s a paranormal thriller that focuses on a group of children, complete with super rad throwbacks to 80’s. Arcades, dungeons and dragons references, crazy big hair. It’s all there. Think "Goonies" meets "X-Files" meets "The Breakfast Club." Just be sure to binge responsibly.

Seriously. Don’t over-do it. Season two just dropped last weekend and both seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.

'Adventure Time'

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the strangest thoughts in your head could be animated? Well that’s what "Adventure Time" does. This beautiful blend of science fiction and fantasy looks like a children’s show but is probably better suited for adults.

At times it feels playful and childish as main characters Jake the dog, and Fin the human explore a post-apocalyptic fantasy land filled with candy people and penguins. Other times existential questions will make you question your own mortality and virtue. It’s a straight up roller coaster. And much like a roller coaster the ride is over quick.

Each episode only lasts about ten minutes but there are literally hundreds of episodes. The show is currently in its 9th season and all episodes are streaming on Hulu.


Dan Harmon knows what his fans want and "HarmonQuest" is it. Basically a bunch of nerds sit around a table and play roleplaying games in front of an audience. Scenes from their adventures are animated in a goofy cartoon style. It’s clever, witty and there isn't enough of it. I really recommend this to fans of any improvisational humor. It’s spot on. The first season is on Seeso. Both seasons are on VRV. Do whatever you need to to watch this show.

'Rick and Morty'

Let's be honest. We're all going to re-watch the show a few times between now and when season four comes out. It okay. Watch, drink, repeat. Just remember “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all gonna die.” Now go watch T.V.