The inescapable fact about "Rick and Morty" as a show is an obvious oddball that it is. Everything about this show is capricious. Adult Swim has been basking in the glorious success of Season 3, and despite the show being on a long break before its next season (which may very well take a year or two, or even more), the post seasonal hype hasn’t quite seen its end.

The show’s hype factor has fetched it a legendary sponsor, and if one isn’t already aware, this sponsor has been with the show throughout the third season.

Be Nice, Old Spice

"Rick and Morty" is renowned for creating an entire alliance of crazy side characters that the lead duo meet and befriend on their intergalactic/interdimensional experiences.

From the looks of it, these characters have a change in operative from being side characters to becoming prominent fan favorites.

The latest sponsored Old Spice commercial is no different. It takes place in the world of "Rick and Morty", with the classic scene of Rick Sanchez mercilessly barging into Morty’s bedroom, with a bloody megaphone. He startles Morty and forcibly introduces him to his new friends, the Old Spice Invisible Sprays. He goes on to introduce the three aromas of Old Spice’s new line of body sprays. Bearglove, Swagger, and Pure Sport walk into Morty’s room and create a ruckus while Rick counts the dollar bills he earned for selling himself and Morty out.

Just your every day Rick and Morty shenanigans, or is it?

Buttering up the harsh truth

Amidst all the fun and frolic is one hidden Easter egg, which the majority of the fandom has overlooked. This recent satirical commercial for the show’s key sponsors marks the end of one of the most iconic side characters ever. While creating a ruckus in Morty’s room, one of the Old Spice Invisible Spray’s reaches out to Morty’s drawer and picks up Butter Robot and then tosses it around to the other sprays.

One of them ends up gobbling the Butter Robot in a quick flash as the commercial ensues. This is what "Rick and Morty" as a show does best -- churn your heart.

The advertisement keeps with the show's custom of paying tribute to tradition while heartlessly piercing it.

It casually making fun of Rick selling out for a couple of dollars. Although the unexpected and playful demise of Butter Robot is certain, it will be interesting to see if this incident has any significance in the future episodes of the show. For now, Rest In Peace, old buddy. You served your purpose well.