If you haven't already seen the award-winning, prime time animation, chances are you're missing out. With guest appearances from stars like Donald Glover and an 8.6/10 rating on IMDB, this unforgettable show is not to be missed. One question to be considered, however, is whether or not this series is truly meant for kids or adults. Granted, the colorful backdrop of candy citizens living in the Candy Kingdom is enough to rouse the attention of anyone 21 and under, the show is still primarily targeted at youth. Is there really anything to worry about?

Here are the top 5 reasons this unique show might just need to be served with a warning label

5.The Sexual Undertones

Heavy petting, making out and complex romantic relationships are just some of the examples of the adult themes featured in many episodes. One episode sparked so much attention it was banned in some countries. 'All the Little Peoples,' is an episode where Finn encounters a magic bag filled with small versions of all the key characters of Candy Kingdom. Finn develops an obsession experimentally pairing up the 'little people' in romantically different ways to find out the outcomes. The paired couples are seen entangled in threesomes, and fetish clothing.

4. Evil and Demons

Finn And Jake often fight the good versus evil battle which is awesome and justified but there are times where they literally face evil demons.

Take the time where Marceline's dad tricks her into wearing an evil necklace which transforms the wearer into essentially the king of all evil in a hell-like place filled with demonic entities. While Marceline is trapped under the necklace's spell, Marceline kills several of the demon citizens for pleasure before she is rescued by Finn.

3. Murder

Finn and Jake constantly purposely and accidentally kill in this series, While they are usually heroes for their murder, it still occurs frequently and with little remorse or hints that killing is wrong or to be avoided.

2. The Character Maturity and Adult Themes

Many of the 'Adventure Time' characters are actually adults.

All princesses are at least 18 years old. Throughout the various episodes, adult level dialogue, thought processes and circumstances occur that children may not even be fully capable or ready to understand. Consider the episode where Finn must find his true biological father. Viewers learn he deserted Finn at birth and though Finn essentially risks his life to save him, the father blows him off repeatedly, avoiding his questions and ultimately ditching Finn as soon as he gets the chance.

1. The Ice King

Of course, every show has a nemesis or wild antagonist and 'Adventure Time' is no different. The Ice King is an old man who lost the battle against an evil power when he became obsessed with experimenting with it, giving him his icy abilities.

Quite frequently Finn and Jake must rush into battle with the Ice King because he has kidnapped some local princess against her will as he prepares to force her into marriage.

If that's not enough, there is actually an episode where he sneaks into Princess Bubblegum's room while she is sleeping, places duct tape over her mouth and he prepares to abduct her!

Quite shocked?

After seeing this list you might be surprised to learn that 'Adventure Time' is a bit more than the average, innocent kid's TV program. Of course, the series has its charm and it is unlike any other you'll see. The thematic elements and creativity spawn an imaginative thrill for viewers regardless of age, just don't be surprised to see highly mature moments optimized for adult viewership.