Hulu has launched live tv for the web and can be streamed on both Mac and PC computers, expanding the company's service outside set-top boxes and mobile device. The online streaming service said that the browser support is a basic version of what Hulu plans to release over the next few months. Mac And Pc users can start streaming Hulu content to their computers.

Web Support

According to the company’s announcement, Mac and PC users can enjoy Hulu Live TV content using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and more. It will allow viewers to browse live content from over 50 channels along with its complete library of on-demand content, search for specific content, and check the next shows to be aired.

In addition, customers can have an access to on-demand TV shows and movies. Hulu original content and premium add-ons such as HBO, Cinemax and Showtime are also included.

Moreover, Hulu’s clients can open and watch multiple content streams in their browser. As the football season coming up, viewers can watch games from the following channels: ESPN, CBS Sports Network, SEC Network, Fox Sports, and NBC.

Web playback feature is also available on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft's Edge browser and Internet Explorer 11.

Early Basic Version

“To date, we’ve offered Hulu with Live TV on multiple living room and mobile devices, but we know many of you have asked to access our service on your laptops and computers as well,” company said in its blog post.

Hulu said that instead of making their clients wait until the final version of the web support is available, they have decided to release the basic version. Currently, the basic version is in its early stages.

The company admitted that the basic version is not close to the final product but it will continue to develop in order to include significantly more features such as keyboard interaction, point, and click.

Hulu said that it aims to provide responsive pages to fit all screen sizes and enhance the web experience for its customers.

For clients who want to watch Hulu Live TV via a browser, they can find more details about how it works on the Hulu website. Previously, Hulu has added its live TV streaming service on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, Chromecast, and other Android and iOS devices.

Hulu is not the first online streaming company to do this major move. Major competitors of the company such as PlayStation Vue, Youtube TV, Direct TV Now, and Sling TV have already offered stream live TV service on web browsers.