Jimmy Fallon is mourning the loss that many will attest is the most difficult in life. Faithful viewers knew something was very wrong last week, when former Lakers great, Shaquille O'Neal, was called in on short notice to take a seat behind the desk. The planned taping and premiere guest, Madonna, was scrapped. Only a select few among family likely knew the gravity of mom Gloria's decline in health, but there was no hesitation in Jimmy Fallon's rush to be at her side. She reportedly passed peacefully on Saturday, surrounded by family.

The Tonight Show” will go on, but repeat broadcasts will be shown this week.

The comedian known for his very public and loving praise of his mom, even in print, is getting a flood of support through this time of loss. Many fans and guests alike remember Gloria’s beaming smile as she watched from the audience. Now, many close to Jimmy Fallon are praying that angels watch over him and his family, and ease their hurt.

Miley and more

Miley Cyrus spent a full week with Jimmy Fallon through her October residency. She always feels free to be herself on “The Tonight Show” stage. She played charades and performed songs that ran the gamut, including some from her new album to a loving tribute to Tom Petty with her dad, Billy Ray. Cyrus is so close to Fallon that she felt comfortable enough to reveal that she had formerly been “high” on marijuana many times on the show before opting to cleanse herself from weed.

Miley Cyrus first posted a very genuine and fun photo of herself with the host, offering support and encouragement to “keep smilin’” and then later, sent “all the love in my heart” to her friend on Twitter, adding “I couldn't (imagine) not havin’ my mama.”

The “Today” morning anchor team sent out their condolences, too, noting the suddenness of the loss, and the devoted son always referring to Gloria as “my biggest fan.”

Late-night contemporary, and frequent timeslot ratings competitor, Stephen Colbert, laid aside all contention, conveying a heartfelt truth that “Mom is the first audience and the best,” along with prayers.

Andy Cohen shared remembrances of Gloria's “hearty laugh” and the “twinkle in her eye,” and credited that “The apple didn't fall far from the tree,” in his caring thoughts.

Actors Josh Gad and Terry Crews also offered caring support, as well as the College Of St. Rose.

From the heart to the page

It had to be by the divine order that Jimmy Fallon's second children's book, published only last month, was “Everything Is Mama.” The title simply comes as a follow-up to his first volume, “Dada” which is derived from every father's wish to be the first word his child utters.

Daughter Frances went straight to “Mama,” so 43-year-old Fallon was inspired to write a book of commonly used words of every category, answered with “Mama.” The book of lovingly concludes that “Everything is Mama, until one day Mama is everything to you.” He told Hoda Kotb that second daughter, Winnie, came through with “Dada” but “everything was mama” after that.

Jimmy Fallon experienced a lifetime of that incomparable mother’s love, and through his legacy of honor to her, his mother’s love will live eternally in his daughters. May he and his family be comforted in the comfort surrounding them.