General Hospital” is one week into sweeps. This has been one of the most explosive beginnings to sweeps in recent years. Fans are tuning in to see who the real Jason Morgan will turn out to be. Steve Burton's arrival as Jason Morgan has turned Port Charles upside down. Billy Miller's Jason Morgan has been left out in the cold, with only Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) having his back. “General Hospital” writers teased this storyline would play out for nine months, but it looks like things are moving faster. Could that be a diversion?

'Julexis' reignited

Fans have been upset that the “General Hospital” writers tore apart Julian (William deVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Alexis visited Julian in prison after finding out he has been used as a human punching bag. This is the beginning of the reconciliation of the two. While the next two weeks won't see much of Julian, he is back filming and recently signed a three-year deal. “General Hospital” fans are interested to see how he will get out of prison without serving his sentence.

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Anna (Finola Hughes) will once again become tangled in a web of deceit. According to Soap Opera Digest, this storyline is going to be part of November sweeps as well.

Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) is the target and now that Anna is on to the connection with Valentin, things could take a dangerous turn. The influx of opiates in Port Charles have climbed, and Finn (Michael Easton) may be the one who connects the dots to Cassandra. Where will Bree Williamson fit in with Claudette now? That is the blackmail Cassandra has over Valentin.

Complicated is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Jason, Jason Morgan

This is the storyline everyone is waiting on to proceed. Who is the real Jason Morgan? Are they both Jason Morgan? “General Hospital” fans are split, but more are on Steve Burton's side than Billy Miller's. This is a hard dilemma for fans who have watched for decades when Burton's Jason was the one and only.

Sam seems to be confused about who is who, but she is remaining loyal to her current husband. Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) are on the opposing team, leaving heartache all around.

With three more weeks of sweeps ahead, there are plenty more surprises for “General Hospital” fans. There is hope that some of this confusion will be cleared up, though it is unlikely. The writers finally have fans engaged again after a rough few years. “General Hospital” could easily stay on the air for years if stories like these keep being told.