"General Hospital" fans are not shy about voicing whether Billy Miller or Steve Burton should be revealed as Jason Morgan. According to "News Hollywood Insider" a recent poll indicates that an overwhelming number of those who watch the show want to see Steve Burton return to the role that he was so popular in for over 20 years. A survey of 7,000 GH viewers indicated that 67% want Burton to be Stone Cold and Miller identified as, Andrew. Spoilers have indicated that on November 30 Sam's current husband may receive the shocking news that he is Drew.

If so, Burton fans should not ye shout with glee, as there are more than seven months left of twists and turns in this storyline.

General Hospital fans are loyal

It is only natural that loyal GH fans would desire to see Steve Burton turn out to be Jason, as he owned the role for two decades. There are distinct personality traits that made Alan Quartermaine's son ho he is. Billy Miller's much different attributes were explained away by being brainwashed by Helena Cassadine. Miller made the character his own, but now that the two men are on screen together it seems a lot of people want the old Jason back.

Some "General Hospital" viewers are also getting out of hand and becoming pretty irate in expressing their opinions.

Kelly Monaco who plays Sam recently made a heartfelt plea that people stop being mean and using bully tactics regarding this situation. It seems that those who believe Billy Miller is Jake Doe/Jason/Andrew are having a Hatfields and Mcoy type feud with those who believe in Steve Burton.

Jason and Andrew may be soon be identified

Spoiler alerts indicate that a big reveal is coming on November 30 regarding the twins. It seems that Jordan and Curtis have found Andre's location and may stop him before he leaves town. It's possible that he may tell them the truth about the identities of the Quartermaine brothers.

Spoilers also indicate that Franco is going to come clean and the news from all involved with stun Billy Miller's characters. This insinuates that Steve Burton will be revealed as Jason on Thursday.

It makes more sense to have Burton reclaim his role as for 20 years GH viewers have known him as Jason. It would take some getting used to if he turns out later to be Andrew. If spoilers are correct then fans of the original Stone Cold will seem to have a temporary victory. There are still many months to go before this entire storyline is resolved and "General Hospital" executive Frank Valentini has promised many twists and turns, so stay tuned.