"Days Of Our Lives" fans need to brace themselves for the upcoming Christmas shocker! The holidays always hold a lot of emotions for the residents of Salem, but this year things are going to be extra emotional, especially for the Hortons. According to SoapOperaNews.net a live Instagram chat between Jason47 and "Days'" Camila Banus, who plays Gabi revealed a major spoiler.

Christmas in Salem will be dark

Banus reveals that the big episode she is talking about just so happens to also be the one she submitted as her "Days of Our Lives" choice for the "Daytime Emmy Awards." The episode will air around Christmas and will find fans in total shock as JJ, played by Casey Moss attempts to commit suicide!

The spoiler alert also will feature a guest appearance by Matthew Ashford, who plays JJ's dad Jack Deveraux.

The reason behind JJ's suicide attempt stems from his feeling over accidentally shooting close pal and family friend Theo. His emotions and guilt will be running so high that they will overtake his reasonable thinking. It will be a tough episode for fans to get through, but it is not totally unexpected. Unstable Mental health with the Horton Family is a sensitive subject and tends to run within the Horton clan's genetics.

Horton history

As you dedicated fans well know, Jennifer Horton's mother Laura suffered severe depression just after Jennifer was born. Despite Marlena's attempt at treating her, Laura became even sicker and began to hear voices, and tried to end her life by hanging herself.

She was found in the nick of time, but not before she had gone completely insane. The family had to have Laura committed to Lakewood Sanitarium where she spent the next 17 years of her life.

Over the years we have also seen Jennifer struggle a bit with her mental health and substance abuse issues. Abby was also teetering when she was being stalked, and abused by batty Ben Weston.

Now it appears as if JJ is next in line to deal with his mental health. Hopefully, the ghostly visit from his allegedly deceased father Jack will be enough to pull him back.

However, it is predicted that the storyline will also go on a bit, revealing Jennifer and Abby's struggle to help save JJ from himself. It is not yet known just how JJ will try to take his life, but, it will put a dreary cast on the Horton/Brady Christmas holidays. "Days" fans you are not going to want to miss one minute of December's episodes.

What are your thoughts on this "Days"' Christmas spoiler? "Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.