Nicolas Cage joined the ranks of Hilary Swank and Adrien Brody. They were invited to close out the 39th International Cairo Film Festival, despite the deadliest terror attack on al-Rawda Mosque in North Sinai on November 24. The festival runs from November 21 to November 30 and is sponsored by DMC Channels. Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Hurley was the guest of honor at the opening ceremony.

Happenings at CIFF 2017

The opening film of the festival was the Kate Winslet-Idris Elba feature, “The Mountains Between Us.” There were 15 films up for competition for the Golden Pyramid prize.

A wide variety of them were foreign, feature and documentary films.

Each of the actors including Cage walked the red carpet posing for the press photos. They each received their awards for their successful careers in film and gave their acceptance speeches. Cage looked very dashing and handsome in a black-tie tuxedo and red-tinted shades. He implied in his speech that he is fearless of terrorists and nothing will stand in his way of returning to Cairo for another film festival. He loves the country.

His full speech was broadcast on the Arabic DMC channel on YouTube here.

Making history in Egypt

Upon arrival, Cage and Swank visited the Giza pyramids in Cairo, Egypt before participating in the glitzy closing ceremony.

They recorded their visit with photos of the historic site and expressed admiration for the Egyptian culture.

Each of the three Celebrities received a commemorative award for their achievements in their film careers. Adrien Brody has over 50 film credits to his name, including the 2002 Oscar-winning film, "The Pianist" which he won for best actor and he also won a Caesar award.

He also produced a documentary about a partially-burned building hidden in the woods in Upstate New York entitled, "Stone Barn Castle" that required seven years of renovations in hopes that he would have a place in the country.

His full speech is here. Taken from the YouTube Arabic channel, DMC.

Nicolas Cage's projects in 2018

Cage has several films to be released in 2018; including "Between Worlds," The Humanity Bureau," "211," "Mom and Dad," "Looking Glass," and "Primal."