"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Lani and JJ have been through a tough time, and things are only to get worse before they get better. As many "DOOL" fans have seen, JJ shot Lani's younger brother, Theo Carver, when he believed that Theo was an armed criminal. The mistake was a tragic one as Theo is now fighting for his life. Sadly, the end result won't be a good one as Theo will learn that he is paralyzed after taking JJ's bullet.

Lani gets life-changing news amid Theo's tragedy

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, JJ and Lani's relationship is very strained at the moment.

The couple was in such a good place before the shooting, and now everything is going wrong. Lani is very torn about JJ shooting Theo. As a police officer, she knows that he was just following protocol, but she loves her little brother more than life, and it will be hard for her to think about forgiving JJ knowing that he's the person who put Theo in a wheelchair. However, Lani will soon get life-changing news that involves JJ, and it will test their relationship even more. "DOOL" news from Days Cafe reports that Lani will find out that she is pregnant with JJ's child, and while it should be happy news, it will come at the worst possible time for the pair, as the future of their relationship hangs in the balance.

Abe wants vengeance for Theo

Meanwhile, Lani's father, Abe Carver, will be out for blood when it comes to seeking justice for his son. Abe will want JJ to be fired from the police force, and it seems that newly appointed police commissioner, Hope Brady, will be stuck in the middle of it all. While Hope can likely see the reasoning behind why JJ decided to fire his gun that night, Abe is the mayor of Salem and her longtime friend.

Can Hope make a decision that will be fair to everyone involved? Sadly, it looks like JJ could lose his job at the force, but that will be minor compared to the guilt he is feeling. "Days Of Our Lives" watchers will witness JJ dive deep into a depression following the shooting, and he'll be in the darkest place he's ever been in when he gets a little help from an unlikely person.

JJ will reportedly see the spirit of his late father, Jack Deveraux, during his time of need.

JJ gets help from Jack

As viewers will remember, Jack previously appeared to JJ's mother, Jennifer Horton, when she was at a low point in her life during her drug addiction. Seeing Jack may be one of the things that help JJ get out of the darkness and back into the light. However, finding out that Lani is pregnant could be the thing that really helps JJ out of his depression, as well as apologizing to Theo for the tragic mistake he's made. "Days of our Lives" fans can watch all the drama unfold weekday afternoons on NBC.