"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Kristen DiMera is alive. The character, who was presumed dead after falling from a window during a scuffle with Dr. Marlena Evans, is officially returning to Salem, and she may have big plans for one "DOOL" character. As many fans already know, Kristen had a tumultuous relationship with Brady Black the last time she was in Salem. The storyline ended with Kristen's alleged death, but things got crazy when it was revealed that Kristen had stolen Brady and Theresa's son.

Kristen is ready to cause chaos

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kristen Dimera will be back in action very soon, and she'll be causing trouble for many Salem citizens.

Kristen will have her hands in the situation with Will Horton, and therefore also be creating chaos for Will's mother, Sami Brady, his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, and Sonny's boyfriend, Paul Narita. Kristen has been the center of a ton of drama over the years, but most recently she shocked fans when she drugged a pregnant Theresa Donovan and stole the embryo from her womb.

Kristen may want Tate back

Months later, "Days Of Our Lives" viewers watched as Theresa's memories started returning and she realized that she had been pregnant. She and Brady began the search for their child and found out that Kristen had given birth to their baby boy, whom she named Christopher. The couple reunited with their child and renamed him, Tate.

Tate currently lives in Salem with Brady, but Theresa is no longer raising the child after she left town to help the ISA take down a drug lord.

Is Brady about to make a huge mistake?

Now that Kristen DiMera is returning to Salem, "Days of our Lives" fans can't help but wonder if she'll target Brady and Tate while she's in town.

Kristen has proven herself to be reckless and unstable. She's already stolen Tate from Brady once, and there is a good chance that she'll try to do it again. Perhaps she'll sneak into the Kiriakis mansion to get a glimpse of the little boy, or maybe she'll mess with Brady's head yet again and try to seduce him into getting back together and raising Tate with her as a family.

Brady and Kristen are both unstable

Kristen is the last think Brady needs in his life at the moment after having his heart broken into pieces by Theresa leaving town and then Nicole betraying him with his very own step-brother, Eric. Brady is off the rails and drinking heavily again. Kristen returning to his life would only make things worse. However, since he's in such a bad state he could make the mistake of falling for her all over again. Tune into "Days of our Lives" weekday afternoons on NBC to see what happens next.