"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that the relationship between Lucas and Adrienne is over. The couple, who were engaged to be married before Bonnie Lockhart took over Adrienne's life and left her in prison to rot, are going to call it quits on their love. During the time that Adrienne was in prison, Bonnie assumed her identity and broke up with Lucas. This left Lucas completely broken and he fell off the wagon. Lucas' drinking got to be a huge problem, and when Adrienne was finally rescued he was out of control.

Lucas and Adrienne call it quits for good

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Lucas and Adrienne's love won't be able to last, and Adrienne will find herself falling back in love with her ex-husband, Justin Kiriakis. Justin is the man who saved Adrienne from prison and got her released so that she could go home to her family where she belonged. After seeing that she couldn't help Lucas in his current state, Adrienne will let herself feel all her old emotions for Justin, and the two will get back together.

Lucas reunites with his ex-wife

However, "Days Of Our Lives" viewers won't see Lucas Horton stay single for long. Lucas will also get back together with one of his former loves.

(No, not Sami Brady!) Lucas will lean on ex-wife, Chloe Lane, during this difficult time in his life. Chloe will help her former husband get his life back together and they will fall in love all over again in the process. Many "DOOL" fans want to see Lucas happy again, and Chloe could be the woman that does that for him. Meanwhile, Lucas will get some shocking news in the near future when it is revealed that his son, Will Horton, is still alive.

Lucas and Sami will find their son, but rumor has it he'll be very different when the family is finally reunited.

Will is now EJ DiMera?

"Days of our Lives" spoilers suggest that Will has been brought back to life, and brainwashed to believe that he is none other than EJ DiMera, Sami's late husband. It seems that EJ's mother, Susan Banks, may have something to do with the situation.

Rumor has it that Susan wanted her son back, and when she couldn't have him she used Will as a replacement for EJ. So, it seems that Will will need to be rescued from wherever he is currently being held, and he'll have to undergo some intense mental evaluation in hopes of bringing back his own personality.

What's next for Sonny and Paul?

Of course, Will's arrival will also mean big things for his husband Sonny and his fiance, Paul. Sonny will have to decide what he wants to do with his life. Will he try to get Will better so that they can romantically reunite, or will he continue his relationship with Paul, whom he was supposed to marry? It will be a complicated situation for everyone involved, and "Days of our Lives" fans can watch it all play out weekday afternoons on NBC.