"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings for the week of October 30 are to die for. Fans of the NBC soap will get some very spooky scenes this week as "DOOL" tackles Halloween with a special, scary episode. Viewers can expect to see a lot of drama go down, as well as a few familiar faces return to Salem for the storyline. So, buckle up, because it's going to be a very wild ride.

She's back...

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, It's going to be a creepy week in Salem. The biggest return this week will be that of Eileen Davidson. The actress, who was last seen in 2015 playing the role of Kristen DiMera, is back in action on the Soap Opera.

However, she's not portraying Kristen this time around. The former "Real Housewives" star will be playing her other character, Susan Banks. As many "DOOL" fans may remember, Susan is very eccentric, and also happens to be the mother of Sami's late husband, EJ DiMera.

EJ and Sami reunion in the works?

Susan will pop up when Sami, Marlena, John, Sonny, and Paul arrive in Memphis looking for clues about Will. They will arrive at a spooky house looking for the person who had been paying Dr. Rolf. When they find Susan, they'll be in for a shock. Why is Susan in Memphis, and what does she have to do with Will's possible resurrection? In addition, could Susan's Will/Dr. Rolf connection possibly be linked with EJ DiMera?

"Days of our Lives" fans are still keeping their fingers crossed for an "EJami" reunion, and all the signs are pointing to a possible EJ return.

Ghosts of girlfriends past

Meanwhile, back in Salem, some ghosts will rise from their graves on Halloween. "Days of our Lives" viewers will see a special spooky episode that will have JJ's ex-girlfriend Paige Larson (True O'Brien) and Eric's former fling Serena Mason (Melissa Archer) returning to "DOOL" for the scary show.

Ben Weston will also be seen again, and it looks like the three could share some scenes together. Will Ben be haunted by the ghosts of his former victims, or will he appear to Abigail in an effort to drive her crazy again? Be sure to tune in to find out. Fans will also see the dead Deimos yet again in a new flashback scene that features Eve Donovan.

An Elvis sighting

A new face will also be seen this week. "Days of our Lives" watchers can expect to see actor John Enos on the show as an Elvis lookalike. Of course, fans will remember Susan Banks' obsession with the late king of rock and roll, (She did name her son EJ after him!) and the Elvis impersonator will be linked to her. He'll be seen in the scenes with Sami and company in Memphis, and should make for some comic relief. Tune in to "DOOL" weekday afternoons on NBC to see how all the drama plays out.