David Cassidy, teen heart-throb from the 1970s has died in hospital. Variety reported the 67-year-old "had been hospitalized for several days with organ failure." CNN reported that the star of "The Partridge Family," had passed away and the news was confirmed by his publicist Jo-Ann Geffen.

David Cassidy first became known to his fans for playing the role of Keith Partridge in the TV series "The Partridge Family," when he was 16-years-old. The show ran until 1974.

In his music career, David Cassidy got a huge audience for his music, with his 1970s hit, "I think I Love You," rocketing him to fame.

He had a fan club bigger than that of Elvis Presley. Nevertheless, he struggled to cope with his fame and the hero-worship. He had to eventually go to rehab through alcohol abuse.

More recently he was diagnosed with early dementia. He also suffered terrible pain from arthritis. The family said after he died that at least he was pain-free now.

Cassidy always hoped that his 1972 concert in Madison Square Garden would remain in the hearts of his fans forever. He also felt that having his family there was the "highlight" of his life.

Well, it seems that his music and his acting ability did stay in the hearts of his fans. More than thirty years later they took to Twitter to remember him and his achievements.

David Cassidy get lots of thanks on Twitter

The New York Times posted their story of David Cassidy's passing. Many people reacted to their sad news.

There was a gentle and loving tone to most of the tweets. One said, "Thank you, David. You (and that family with the bus and that dog) were the counterbalance to the sh*t of my teen years.

Will never forget that. RIP."

More thanks came in and gentle memories again showed how David Cassidy had touched people's hearts. @Steve Teipe said, "Rip great memories of watching partridge family.

Would run and get my drumsticks and air drum. One of the greatest gifts you can leave behind are creating happy memories. I think he did."

David Cassidy remembered in tweets about days gone by

From all over the world, the sad news was greeted by sorrowful fans who remembered him from their younger days.

"Oh no. I didn’t want to hear this today. He was my first crush. Just another childhood icon gone too soon," tweeted Mirian.

The Today Show quoted the family in their post.

"David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long.”

Among all the tributes, Twitter user Marsdale probably summed it up the best when he said, "David Cassidy has passed away. Me and the rest of the kids from the 1970’s just got a little older right now."

You can listen to David Cassidy's song, "I think I love You," by watching the video below.