The results are out, and it's bad.

The first day of a film's theatrical release is always the most crucial. The box office of the first day is usually expected to rake up the most profits, as the sales are expected to slow down in the next days. Unfortunately for Warner Bros. Pictures, "Justice League" was only able to bring in $96 million on its opening weekend, as opposed to its projected $120 million in sales. Worldwide, it was expected to produce $320 million in opening sales but was only able to push through with $281 million, according to

These numbers are no laughing matter. Although they are big ones, it did not reach the projections, which can be problematic. This can cause doubts among moviegoers, making them think twice about watching "Justice League." But what exactly caused the star-studded film to be a bomb?

1. Warner Bros' CEO interceded in the creation of 'Justice League'

The movie was roughly was roughly two hours long. Not wanting to have a three-hour movie like "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," the CEO of Warner Bros. Kevin Tsujihara enforced a rule: Make the film no longer than two hours. However, as compared to "Batman v Superman," "Justice League" had several additional characters that are otherwise "unknown" or at least needed to be introduced.

Cramping all the small introductions while bringing them together and also introducing your foe is no minor feat. And it proved to be detrimental to the movie.

To a moviegoer that had no prior knowledge about Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash's background, the movie would feel hazy and be disengaged at best. Why would I care about these people whom I hardly understand?

The CEO likewise interceded Zack Snyder's creative take on the film. The film was a bit dark for his taste that he hired Joss Whedon to step in and make it lighter. Having two directors with two different visions created one confused film.

2. Professional critics gave it negative reviews, although regular moviegoers think it was a 'good' film

Professional critics gave this DC film a very low score, with only 40 percent liking the film, and giving it an average of 5.3-out-of-10 on Rotten Tomatoes. 85 percent of audiences, however, liked the team-up movie and gave it a score of 4.2-out-of-5. On IMDB, "Justice League" received a score of 7.3-out-of-10 from reviewers worldwide.

Granted that it was not the best DC film, it was still not as bad as critics made it look. However, whether or not we like it, we are usually influenced by what the pros say. Who would want to spend their money on what was publicized as an awful movie?

3. 'Justice League' deleted scenes leaked

With the issue that this superhero movie was reduced to just two hours, scenes removed from Zack Snyder's version have leaked online. Now fans are rallying for a Zack Snyder version seeing as Joss Whedon wasn't able to patch things up neatly. A petition on has gathered more than 67,000 signatures as of press time.

Since fans are calling for this, other moviegoers are now thinking twice about heading to the theaters. The current line of thinking is that they should just wait for the home release as it's going to be better than the theatrical one.

It seems as though the DC Universe is heading for a decline. "Wonder Woman" was able to save it once; hopefully "Aquaman" will be able to do it too. And if this trend remains, DC is better off with standalone films for their heroes, or they're heading for another DC Universe reboot.