David Beador allegedly "want to make peace" in his divorce from Shannon Beador. The two weren't at peace in marriage and are compensating for it by trying to make as clean a break as possible. Shannon reportedly wants to get everything from David — mainly the spousal support and child support. A source close to the family tells Radar Online that neither one of them want this "dragged out" into a huge ordeal.

A quick and clean divorce

The insider says both David Beador and the "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star are "ironing out the details of their divorce." Since their separation took long enough to happen, they want to make this a quick and clean divorce.

According to the source, David really doesn't care how much Shannon wants in spousal and child support because she'll get whatever she wants "and more." David knows he wronged his wife by cheating on her and "wants to make peace."

On Monday night's episode of "RHOC," shannon beador finally realized that her marriage was over. An interaction between she and David confirmed everything, and that's when Shannon told the viewing audience in her interview that David had "checked out."

One more episode of the show for this season will air before the reunion specials are broadcast. Shannon was reportedly upset during filming and breaking down over her separation from David. She also apologized to the cast for defending him all season long.

Family outings continue

Over the weekend Shannon posted a photo of her with David and their daughter, Sophie, at a USC football game. She captioned the image with a message of it being a "family outing" and told off negative commenters. It was later revealed that although David and Shannon were seen together, they did not arrive or leave together; David left by himself.

The Beadors intend to raise their daughters as partners, as Shannon revealed in her announcement that she was separating from David. She disclosed the fact that they'll still do things as a family for the sake of their kids. David is said to be active in his daughters' lives by taking them to school and seeing them every day even though he moved out of the mansion a few weeks ago.

At least David Beador doesn't want to fight his soon-to-be ex-wife over money in the divorce. He may have been prepared for all of this to happen for a while who knows. Some divorces get downright ugly, but hopefully, the reports are true about this, and they'll be able to move on happily from there.