Charles manson is reportedly spending his final days hospitalized. The Cult Leader was taken from prison to a nearby hospital Sunday (Nov. 12). TMZ reports that Manson's health is in rapid decline and it looks as if is only a matter of time. Sources close to the Manson hospitalization scene revealed to TMZ that things are "not going to get any better for him." At age 83, Manson has spent the past 46 years behind prison walls.

Charles Manson spending final moments in Bakersfield hospital

Most people familiar with the Manson murder case are surprised that Charles Manson has survived prison as long as he has.

However, it appears his number may be finally up. Charles Manson has spent the past three days in the Bakersfield hospital undergoing tests and treatments. He has been escorted at every turn by five uniformed police officials, who are taking no chances when it comes to securing the elderly cult leader.

Manson's adopted son vows to carry on father's visions

Manson's appearance has been described as "ashen." He remains covered by blankets and is barely responding to hospital personnel. The infamous cult leader has been down this road before. In 2016, as previously reported, Manson was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for intestinal bleeding and was diagnosed as too weak for surgery at the time.

At that time, it appeared as if the end was near for Manson. His family was notified and his alleged son, Matthew Roberts, 48, rushed to the hospital to be by his "father's" bedside. Manson miraculously made it through and was returned to Corcoran State Prison, where he has since remained. Charles' "alleged son" Matthew revealed a few years back that he was adopted as a very young boy and only learned who his biological father was after making contact with his birth mother.

A scary fact about Manson's hospitalization in 2016 comes from Matthew Roberts. He claims that while visiting, his father asked that his dying wish is granted by him.

That wish, according to Roberts was if he would continue his father's work, which he claims he stated "he would," without a problem. This is a frightening thought for sure.

Roberts, at the time, stated he would continue his dad's mission by "promoting" his messages...however, they would only be the messages that he agrees with.

Roberts also revealed that when his father dies, he has no idea who would have control over his estate, but he has been told by many people that the estate is very valuable. At this time it is not known if Matthew Roberts has been contacted about his alleged father's failing health. We can only hope that since last year he has had time to reconsider complying with Charles Manson's deathbed wish.