The insane pacing continues as "The Walking Dead" delivers yet another action-packed episode. And while the previous installments saw nothing but victory for Rick and the Survivors, with a few casualties here and there, this one, however, saw a big chunk of their forces completely destroyed. The Kingdom has fallen, at least most of its fighting force, leaving only Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry, and the families of the fallen to mourn the dead. But on the bright side, Rick and Daryl managed to claim those weapons which will give them an upper hand as the "All Out War" progresses into its second stage.

As we can see from the promo material, the next episode titled: "Big Scary U" will focus almost entirely on what's going on in the Sanctuary. It will be interesting to see how the Saviors deal with the new situation now that Negan isn't around to make sure everything is in order. With that said, now seems like a good time to take a step back and talk about some theories that the last episode brought up.

Will Shiva return as a walker?

In what was probably the most heart-breaking moment of the season, we saw Shiva making an ultimate sacrifice to save her master. The look on Ezekiel's face said it all while the strange looking zombies were feasting on the poor tiger. He will never be the same, that's for sure.

But was this the last we saw of Shiva?

The fact that she died in a similar way in the comics says enough. However, we are not talking about that. Because in no way could she possibly be alive after all those bites. But will she return as a zombie? If so, she can pose a threat unseen in both the TV show and comics. And the fact that we didn't see what happened to her body only adds fuel to the theory that we will see her again.

But in my opinion, though, it would be fun, we don't see this happening since the CGI is far too expensive for them to experiment with something like a zombie tiger.

Will Carol and Ezekiel become a couple?

Fans have noticed how these two look at each other. Especially Carol, who has been fascinated with the King's ability to inspire his people.

Her smile every time Ezekiel spoke says it all. And after everything they've been through in the last episode, her affection will become stronger.

But what about Ezekiel? Does he feel the same? I think love is the last thing on his mind, because not only did he just lose his favorite pet, but he also lost faith in himself. But that's where Carol will jump in as she will be there to comfort him.

In the comics, Michonne is his love interest, but in the show, it could very well be Carol. So unlike the first theory, I think this one might actually come true. But what do you think? Tell us in the comments below.