Amber Portwood is one of the “Teen Mom OG” stars. She was noticeably absent from the reunion taping in Los Angeles, which raised some red flags. Portwood and Matt Baier split earlier this year and she has since moved on with someone new. Andrew Glennon and Amber talked about their relationship with People a few months ago, including describing how they met. They are a reality show dream and their latest update proves that.

The relationship

Andrew Glennon worked on “Marriage Bootcamp” when Amber Portwood was there with Matt Baier. The two were attempting to save their relationship.

It clearly didn't work out for them though. Glennon then contacted Portwood and the two have been together since. Their relationship has been low-profile, no drama like fans are used to from the “Teen Mom OG” star. Amber and Andrew are both filming for “Teen Mom OG,” and have been for several weeks. Fans are looking forward to seeing the dynamic between the two, especially now.

Rumors began circulating that Amber Portwood may be pregnant when she was a no-show at the reunion taping. Her other co-stars were there with the exception of Farrah Abraham. According to The Ashley, Amber Portwood is indeed pregnant with her second child. Obviously, this comes as a shock because she has been with Andrew Glennon less than a year.

There are a lot of opinions flying around social networks. This is going to be a big story and it looks like the “Teen Mom” cameras are capturing it.

Amber changes her mind

There was talk about Amber Portwood and Matt Baier having a child. It was apparent she wanted more children, but may it just wasn't with him. When the two talked about possibly building a family together, Portwood talked about her mental health.

There was some medicine that she was taking that could be harmful to a fetus. The “Teen Mom OG” crew pressed her for answers, and Amber gave them what they wanted. She said her mental health was more important and at that time, she was not trying to get pregnant. So, what changed in a few months? This is fishy, especially because Portwood has been with Glennon months and she spent years with Baier.

This news is going to stir up a lot of controversy in “Teen Mom OG” world. Fans have a lot of opinions based on this revelation, and Amber Portwood will likely get a lot of hate for her decision with this. The new season begins November 27 and fans are anxious to see how this will play out.