Jenelle Evans had a rough weekend while at the “Teen Mom 2” reunion taping in Los Angeles. It was supposed to be fun, and all of the moms were in attendance along with some of the "Teen Mom OG" cast members. Surprisingly, Briana DeJesus teamed up with Jenelle, and now they are buddies. This is interesting, especially because everyone else on the cast has had words with Jenelle, or they have been affected by her many bad decisions. The drama follows Evans everywhere, it was even there on her wedding day a few weeks ago.

Briana DeJesus is team Jenelle all the way

As if Briana DeJesus doesn't have enough drama in her life, she is now taking up for Jenelle Evans. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Briana talked about how Jenelle was the only one who welcomed her to the cast with open arms. She also insinuated that the other girls acted like they were better than her. While it isn't hard to believe that Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska would act that way, Leah Messer is generally painfully shy. It is possible that she has sided with her longtime friends though, especially after everything that happened with Evans and her husband, David Eason at the “Teen Mom 2” reunion.

There has been some major damage control attempted by Jenelle Evans.

News about the “Teen Mom 2” reunion drama spread quickly. The cast members tweeted about it, news outlets picked up the story, and Evans and Eason look really bad at this point. Randy Houska has been vocal about the incident. Leah Messer has also mentioned it on Twitter. David Eason reportedly pulled a knife after he was cut off from the bar.

He popped some balloons, and it started drama. Briana DeJesus confirmed balloons were popped, but only because they were “in his way.”

Briana and Kailyn Lowry have bad blood

Speculation among “Teen Mom 2” fans is that Briana DeJesus is teaming up with Jenelle Evans because Kailyn Lowry doesn't like her. Rumors are circulating that Briana and Javi Marroquin are a couple now.

There has been no confirmation from either party, but social media posts and photos make it appear they are dating, or at least hooking up. DeJesus has always been called names similar to Evans. The two don't really have anything in common except their youngest children are around the same again and are both girls. It looks like these two “Teen Mom 2” stars may be building a friendship because they were excluding from the “cool mom” crowd with the other ladies.