Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that things are going to heat up for the Ashby twins and Victoria's son next week. According to Soaps, She Knows, Charlie, Mattie, and Reed's lives will be in peril when a fire breaks out at The Underground. Stepbrothers and sworn enemies Cane and Billy will have to work together along with Nick to save lives when his club goes up in flames. New head writer Mal Young promised to liven things up on the show and indeed he has. The Ashby, Newman, and Abbot men are all dealing with multiple dramas right now and must put it all aside to save their children's lives.

Cane, Billy, and Nick must work together

Cane is going through a divorce from Lily and had been unemployed. He is now working for Chancellor and has moved Juliet into the mansion with him. He is also trying to keep a good relationship with his children, even agreeing to have dinner with Reed to please his daughter. Billy has been kicked out by Phyllis and dealing with one crisis after another with Victoria as well as "Brash and Sassy," Nick is trying to maintain a ceasefire with Victor, who continues to undermine him.

Cane and Billy are constantly at odds because of Vicky, Jill, and Brash and Sassy, and neither is a fan of Victor Newman's firstborn. Nick is upset with Cane because of all the problems he caused his sister's company.

He also is wary of Billy, who keeps disappointing Victoria over and over again. Now, these 3 men will have no choice but to work together in order to save their children's lives.

The Underground may be destroyed

The Underground is owned by Nick and run by his son Noah. Victoria's son and Billy's stepson Reed has been playing guitar there on a regular basis.

Cane's daughter Mattie has gone to the club to listen to the young man she is falling in love with. Her twin Charlie has not yet been seen in the venue, so he may be tagging along to chaperone his sister. Neither Cane nor Billy is a regular patron, but for some reason, they will all be there together.

Victor has been trying to sabotage Nick, but surely he would not put lives at risk by torching the club where his grandson works.

Whatever the cause, a fire will break out and the teenagers will be in danger. Then Billy, Nick, and Cane are forced to work together to rescue Reed, Mattie, and Charlie. Stay tuned weekday afternoons to "The Young and the Restless" at 12:30 PM on CBS to find out if the children are rescued and if The Underground is destroyed.