The media have caught sight of Justin Bieber with his new Girlfriend who is new to the celebrity world. Paola Paulin had a traditional childhood and life before she decided to try her hand at modeling and acting. Paola began to attend the Hillsong Church earlier this year, 2017. This is where the couple first met and according to the Sun, they had immediate chemistry with one another.

Bieber is dating someone new

According to the Insider, Justin Bieber is dating Paola Paulin. The pair has been spotted and photographed together appearing affectionate with one another.

Bieber has dated many celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, and Sophia Richie. However, Paola did not start out as a celebrity.

In a report by Metro, Paola Paulin went to college where she studied International Business Management. On top of these impressive credentials, it has been confirmed that Paulin is also tri-lingual. Bieber's new girlfriend speaks French, Spanish and English. The pair first met at Church and quickly hit it off.

In a report by the Sun, Paola Paulin was hired as an investment advisor in 2012 but she decided that she wanted to try her hand at fame. She is now working as a model and has some acting credentials. She has starred in the series "Ballers" but did not have a recurring role.

It is unknown what projects Paulin is currently working on and fans are hoping to hear more soon.

Paulin had to pass Bieber's pastors recommendation

According to Metro, Justin Bieber did not want to start dating Paola Paulin before his pastor Carl Lentz got to meet her first. In a report by the Sun, Lentz screened Paola before Justin was allowed to date her.

Justin and Carl are extremely close and it is clear that Justin considers Lentz to be a father figure to him. The pair has many shared interests including the Hillsong Church.

In a report by the Insider, Lentz convinced Justin Bieber to become a member of the Church after the young celebrity was involved in a series of criminal activities.

In a report by the Sun, a source has confirmed that Justin does not make a move without first consulting Carl. The source has claimed that Carl wants the best for Justin and wants him to be surrounded by positive influences.

According to the Sun, Justin expects whoever he is dating to attend the Hillsong Church with him. He also expects them to meet Pastor Carl Lentz and to welcome him into their lives. It appears that Paola Paulin had a series of tests to pass before she was considered as Justin Bieber's potential girlfriend.

It has been confirmed that the couple had their first date at the Church. It is clear that the Church holds a special place for Justin and his life completely revolves around it.