According to Los Angeles Police Officer Mike Lopez, Young Dolph was shot multiple times after a disagreement with three other individuals at the Loews Hollywood Hotel went south. The fight became physical and, at some point, Dolph fell to the ground. One of the three men then shot him several times.

Dolph managed to stand up and run into the Shoe Palace, a nearby store next to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.Two of the men took off running while a third jumped into a gold Cadillac Escalade and drove it to a nearby gas station where he took off running, abandoning the vehicle.

The gold SUV was found to harbor no weapons and it is not yet known who owns it.

Young Dolph is definitely not bulletproof

Young Dolph’s album “Bulletproof” was apparently based on a shooting in North Carolina, in February of this year. It is said that he survived a hail of gunfire without a scratch. Of course the vehicle he was said to have been riding in was actually bulletproof, not Young Adolph.

This writer is not going to fall for the Young Dolph being bulletproof bit. Especially since he is lying in the hospital right now, in critical but stable condition, with multiple gunshot wounds. One person was detained after the shooting, but the other two are still being sought. Police say, and this is sort of getting old, that they are investigating the possibility of the attack occurring over a rivalry with another rap artist.

Adolph Thornton Jr. or, Young Dolph, as he is now known, was born in Chicago, Illinois in August of 1985. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee after his family moved there when he was two years old. He is now 32 years of age and he is no longer young. He is also not bulletproof. If he continues on as he has been, he may never manage to get old.

Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid people do stupid things.

These rap artists - and I use the term ‘artist’ lightly - are trying to romanticize “gangsta” life. In most cases, they are succeeding. Kids are growing up and wanting to be like Young Dolph or whoever else is rapping about being “gangsta.” I now believe we are literally getting less intelligent as a species.

As our young aspire to be less intelligent and more reckless, are we not, as a species, gearing up for extinction?

When the youth of this country are looking up to artists that go out of their way to portray themselves as murderers, rapists, and thieves, I wonder how anyone can see it differently. But, then again, as John Cleese said, “Stupid people have no idea how stupid they are.” He goes on to elaborate, saying “You’d have to be relatively intelligent to realize how stupid you are.” Personally, I think we need better screening. Stupid people may not know how stupid they are, however, their behavior speaks volumes. The rest of us can see it without much doubt.