kevin owens continues to show his rebellious side, laying the smackdown on WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Things were expectedly rowdy following the events that went down during the Sept. 5 edition of the blue brand.

To recall, Owens got into a skirmish with now-former WWE SmackDown commissioner Shane Mcmahon. The prizefighter had been building up the storyline, carrying that familiar cocky character KO has been known for. For the altercation, Shane-O-Mac was indefinitely suspended – something most initially believed was tied up to that fracas.

However, that wasn’t the actual reason for the suspension of Shane.

Vince McMahon explained that it was because his son was unable to “get it done.” The WWE CEO, however, added that he would not hesitate to fire the former WWE champion if he went through with his planned lawsuits.

Hell in a Cell

With Owens temporarily clamming up and frustrated, the WWE CEO announced that much-speculated match involving his son. Shane McMahon would face Kevin Owens in a Hell in a Cell match on the pay-per-view of the same name.

An irate Owens did accept the match but fired warning shots aimed at Shane. He unleashed his ire on Vince McMahon, a condition that he was inadvertently referring to before accepting the match.

Will Shane retaliate?

Right now, most are wondering if Shane McMahon would be seeking revenge for Owens’ dastardly attack.

But the better question to ask right now is whether it would be Shane alone.

Vince McMahon has been known to get involved in matches and has been known to get even at all costs. There was also that sudden appearance of Stephanie McMahon, the Raw commissioner who uncharacteristically was on SmackDown.

Hence, the whole McMahon clan could end up making the Canadian’s life miserable.

For those who have followed the WWE well, it calls to mind the rebellious acts that Stonecold Steve Austin did during his prime. Is this a sign of things to come?

Owens to become a babyface?

If the McMahons end up picking on Owens, it could signal a curious turn from one of the top heels to a babyface WWE star. Austin was able to mimic the same during his time, something that catapulted him to fame.

Kevin Owens is undoubtedly one of the top stars, regardless how mischievous and foul he has been during matches. He has made an impact on any event or show, so this looming reprisal of the WWE Attitude era could be the turning point of his career.

All that remains to be seen with the storylines likely to heat up. That may all start at the Sept. 19 edition of WWE SmackDown where Shane McMahon may come out to get payback for KO’s attacks. Aside from that, Stephanie McMahon or even Vince himself may return to avenge that brutal attack on the Sept. 12 edition of the blue brand.