When allegations first came out about Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment-filled history, his longtime friend fashion designer Donna Karan came to his defense. Days after the New York Times article was published detailing some of his victim's encounters, Karan was asked for her opinion at a red carpet event. Her response was not well-received, with many people boycotting her brand since the interview.

Victim blaming

At the Los Angeles CinéFashion Film Awards, Karan told the interviewer "We have to look at ourselves," referring to women. She continued on to say that women should pay attention to how they present themselves.

According to the designer, women should question whether they are "asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality."

In the interview, she went on to say that Weinstein is "wonderful" and has done great things during his career. The insensitive comments led to social media attacks on Karan. An online petition was created demanding that retailer Nordstrom drop Karan in light of her comments. The petition's goal is 14,000 and currently, has 13,915 signatures.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a spokeswoman for Nordstrom responded on Thursday saying "We've heard from some customers, and we certainly understand their concerns. We'll continue to listen to their feedback."

Rose McGowan, who has accused Weinstein of rape, called out Karan on Twitter for being "deplorable." She continued to call the designer "scum in a fancy dress."

Apology or self-defense?

Karan decided to release her apology letter through her spokeswoman.

In the letter, she said she made a statement that does not represent her feelings towards the matter. "I have spent my whole life championing women," claims the fashion designer. She continued saying that she was always stood for equal rights and throughout her career has empowered women.

Aiming to defend herself, Karan claims her statements were taken out of context.

Though her statements recorded in the red carpet interview were very straightforward, she went on to repeat that they did not reflect her feelings on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Karan wrapped up the statement reassuring people that she is completely against Sexual Harassment under any circumstances. She ended it saying that she is sorry to the people she offended with her statements and sends her condolences to all victims of sexual harassment.