While women continue to speak out about Harvey Weinstein's sexually abusive history, the men of Hollywood have been remarkably quiet. Actors like Ryan Gosling and Ben Affleck have released polished statements regarding their sympathy for victims, but only a few, like George Clooney, seem very surprised by the exposé. Weinstein's colleagues, including Quentin Tarantino, have also been short on words. In his statement, Tarantino said he was "still processing" the news.

Weinstein's life is 'messed up'

Longtime collaborator Woody Allen finally released his statement about the Weinstein scandal on Sunday.

He told BBC News that the situation is sad for "everyone involved," saying that it is tragic for the victims but sad how "messed up" Weinstein's life is.

Allen is the first in the industry to seem to be at Weinstein's defense. The filmmaker said that he fears a Hollywood "witch hunt." He thinks that this exposé could lead to men in Hollywood needing to defend themselves for even winking at women. Following this statement, Allen said that he, of course, hopes that the outcome is beneficial to everyone.

Allen's own son, Ronan Farrow, was a key part of exposing Weinstein's sexually abusive past. He interviewed 13 women who claim that the Hollywood producer sexually harassed or abused them.

Allen's history

Woody Allen has his own history with sexual harassment that has made headlines in the past. According to the Daily Mail, he was exposed in 1993 for having an affair with his wife Mia Farrow's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

Following the news, Farrow divorced him. Allen was accused of abusing their adopted daughter Dylan after the two separated.

Investigations were launched but the filmmaker was ultimately never charged and to this day denies both claims.

The Daily Mail reports that Harvey Weinstein was a crucial part of helping Allen get his reputation back after the claims of abuse. They have worked on many projects together, including "Mighty Aphrodite" which starred Mira Sorvino, one of over 30 women who allege Weinstein raped or sexually harassed them.

Dylan and Ronan Farrow are not big fans of their father. Dylan, who was reportedly abused by Allen, made a blog post addressing the abuse back in 2014. His brother, Ronan was supportive, and both wondered why the filmmaker was never reprimanded for his actions.

Allen is now beginning to make just as many headlines as Weinstein with his questionable feelings of grief for the alleged rapist. Social media has exploded with criticism of the filmmaker's statement. In her latest tweet, actress and victim of Weinstein's sexual abuse Rose McGowan called Allen a "vile little worm."