"Will & Grace" has been described as a phenomenon and has received high praise through its original eight-year run. NBC continues to receive high ratings with the revival of the beloved sitcom. The original series ending left off in a way that still isn't well liked by fans. The series stars Eric McCormack as Eric, Debra Messing as Grace, Sean Hayes as Jack, and Megan Mullally as Karen. The ending saw a falling out between Will and Grace when pregnant Grace got back together with ex-husband, Leo (Harry Connick Jr.), while Will reunited with his ex-boyfriend, Vince (Bobby Cannavale) who he raised a son named Ben with.

The revival has tweaked this ending by getting rid of the children and the fall out by brushing it off as a dream Karen had, though they made it clear the duo did rekindle their former relationships.

Jack's son Elliot returns this Thursday

In the original run, Jack's world was turned upside down when his son Elliot (Michael Angarano) showed up on his doorstep. They started off with a close bond that was eventually faded out in the last couple of seasons with Elliot barely seen. Thursday's episode "Grandpa Jack" will see Jack's now estranged son Elliot return with the big news that he has a son of his own named Skip. The description from NBC teases that Will and Jack will help Skip in a way only they know how.

Meanwhile, Karen and Grace will be behaving badly when it comes to the hot new guy at work. Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells guest star as counselors at Camp Straighten Arrow which is a conversion camp. It is unclear how the camp will factor into the episode.

Is a tragedy on the way?

Episode 5 "How to succeed in business without really trying" will see the return of Karen's longtime friend and nemesis Beverly Leslie (Leslie Jordan) who will be sharing a secret with Karen.

Jack will be in the possession of half of a winning lottery ticket. Meanwhile, Will has a surprising reaction to being made senior partner while Grace is attempting to land her biggest job yet working for an obnoxious businessman who wants her to decorate a string of boutique hotels.

Episode 6 "Rosario's Quinceanera" will focus on Will, Grace, and Jack doing their best to help Karen when she deals with a personal tragedy.

Let's hope that the title isn't hinting at the tragedy. Meanwhile, Will and Grace's new business relationship may be more stressful than they expected. This episode will also see the return of Minnie Driver, reprising her role as Lorraine Finster who has a very complicated history with Karen. First as the mistress of Karen's husband Stan, then as Karen's stepdaughter when Karen married Lorraine's father.

While episode 3 answers the big question of what happened with Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) and Grace, but what about Will and Vince? Eric McCormack promises that Bobby Cannavale will be back for a Vince-focused episode that will answer what happened. The actor teases that closure will be found for the couple in a satisfying episode, but also hints that this may be the only time Vince will be seen.

Don't miss Michael Angarano on this Thursday's episode on NBC.