Kailyn Lowry has filmed "Teen Mom 2" for years, and she has been portrayed in a negative light several times. Lowry has revealed that she wasn't happy when she was caught pushing Javi Marroquin prior to them getting married. She really wanted a relationship with him, but Marroquin didn't know what to do. And despite going through public humiliation and frustration, she doesn't understand Jenelle Evans' anger with the network. After Monday's episode, she threatened to leave the show but Kailyn doesn't feel the comments are justified.

After last Monday's episode aired, Jenelle was furious.

She felt that MTV had betrayed her and that her family was being portrayed in a negative light. Evans felt that MTV wanted to portray her husband as being abusive and not caring for her children. In addition, she also threatened to quit the show. According to a new report, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she doesn't really care about what Jenelle feels. It's no secret that they haven't always seen eye-to-eye on things, but Lowry could apparently care less about what she chooses.

Going against her co-star

It is surprising that Kailyn Lowry is going against Jenelle, considering she herself has been unhappy with some of the scenes. She has personally slammed the editing before, as she herself has looked bad on the show.

It was just a few weeks ago that she felt the producers had egged on Isaac and had made a scene about her being a bad mother, simply because she was crying.

"I think we all feel differently. I have to disagree with her statement about MTV. As far as I can see it, you wouldn't have stuck with the show for eight years if that was the case, so I'll leave that there ...

I don't care what Jenelle does," Lowry has revealed about Jenelle's decision to possibly leave "Teen Mom 2" behind.

Is the network promoting child abuse?

After Monday's episode aired, many fans revealed that MTV was promoting child abuse as they had filmed David Eason dragging Kaiser by the arm during a photoshoot. People were shocked that the producers hadn't stepped in to help Kaiser, as David was clearly upset about it.

However, Kailyn doesn't seem to think the same thing. Perhaps she doesn't feel the network promoted child abuse, as Jenelle could have stepped in. Perhaps she feels that Jenelle allowed child abuse in the home because she didn't tell David to stop.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's comments about Jenelle's decision to possibly leave the show? Do you think Lowry should be more understanding?