Jenelle Evans isn't a happy reality star these days. After seeing a horrible edit on "Teen Mom 2" last week, Evans revealed that she didn't want to film the hit MTV show anymore unless she was portrayed in a positive light and started getting some respect from the producers. Jenelle, who used to be a social media junkie, revealed that she would be deleting her social media accounts because she wanted to focus on her family and her children rather than the "Teen Mom 2" fans.

According to Instagram photos shared about a week ago, Jenelle Evans revealed she wanted to spend time with her husband and her children, and she wanted to push everyone away.

Her decision to pull the plug was shocking, as she was turning away the people who support her and defend her in favor of boycotting MTV. A few years ago, Jenelle would share everything on social media. She would share relationship troubles, she would share her breakups and even defend herself whenever she was arrested. The fact that Evans decided to delete her social media profiles after marrying David Eason is a scary thing.

Rumors of abuse - and faked photos

Before her wedding to David, there were rumors of abuse. Jenelle Evans claimed that the photos that had surfaced were fake. She would always speak on his behalf and she would defend him because she claimed she loved him. However, after Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2," viewers revealed they were scared of David.

When the producers tried to contact Evans about filming the show, she revealed that they were fighting. She couldn't get him to film because he was constantly putting her down. She kept texting the producers about how miserable she was. But the following day, David denied fighting and he got angry when the producers kept pushing about their fight.

Rather than speak up, Jenelle sat quietly, like an abused spouse.

A controlling man and ditching her fans

Fans are worried about Jenelle because she's growing closer to a man, who has proven that he has a temper. He has yelled at Jenelle while filming, and he recently grabbed Kaiser's arm. Fans called attention to child abuse, which was one of the reasons why Jenelle decided to remove herself from social media.

She was furious and revealed she wanted people to leave her family alone.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' decision to pull away from social media? Do you think David has influenced her to step away from her fans, who have supported her through thick and thin?