While more Hollywood stars like Cara Delevigne continue to come forward in Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment scandal, Terry Crews told Twitter the headlines were giving him PTSD. The former NFL player and actor decided to share his own experience with Sexual Harassment in Hollywood. The star of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" told the story of how he was groped at a function last year by a "high level" executive.

Unexplained harassment

Crews explained in a series of tweets, that last year at a Hollywood function, he was approached by an executive who walked up to him and "groped" him.

With his wife by his side, he asked the man what he was doing, but says the executive only grinned at him "like a jerk."

He says that he was going to take action right there until he realized how the story would play out. Crews was afraid of seeing headlines like “240 lbs. Black Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho” all over the media, so he instead did nothing.

While the actor was too afraid to go public with the incident, he says he did talk to the executive's colleagues about what happened that night. The anonymous Hollywood executive never explained his actions despite calling Crews to apologize.

Scared to speak up

Upon sharing his story on Twitter, he related himself to the victims of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment. Crews says he let it go and decided not to make it into a big deal in fear of being ostracized by the public. He explains that this is exactly why women never spoke about Weinstein's abuse.

He went on to discuss that executives have the real power in Hollywood.

Crews says few will believe you in cases like this, while the many repercussions could lead to the loss of a career, the same thing Gwneyth Paltrow was afraid of when Weinstein made unwanted advances on her.

While the actor was clearly affected by the incident, he has chosen to keep the Hollywood executive's name anonymous, saying "he knows who he is."

Crews went on to wrap up his story on Twitter by saying that Harvey Weinstein is not the only person guilty of sexual harassment.

He explains that it is important to realize that Hollywood, as well as all other industries, are full of powerful people who take advantage of others.

Though he left his groper unnamed, Crews tells Twitter that he hopes sharing his story will "deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless." He is one of many celebrities to speak out about sexual harassment following the Weinstein scandal, leaving people to question whether or not anything will really change.