Harvey Weinstein is reportedly not taking his Sex Addiction rehab seriously. The movie mogul has now been accused of sexually harassing over 40 women in Hollywood but is still in denial. While six women have now claimed rape, the last statement released by his publicist states that Weinstein denies any claims of non-consensual encounters. He admitted himself into sex addiction rehab in Arizona about a week ago, but reports say that he is not doing so well.

Ignoring rules

According to Page Six, Weinstein has been acting out-of-hand in his therapy sessions.

An unidentified source says that he has already shown up late to at least one of his group meetings. He seems unwilling to participate and listen to others in groups, as he has reportedly fallen asleep multiple times while others share their stories.

The movie producer is acting as if he is above the rules at the facility, keeping his cell phone with him at all times which is strictly banned. Apparently, during one session, he woke up to his phone ringing and immediately ran out of the room to take the call.

Weinstein was originally reported to be at an inpatient facility where he would be looked after at all times. It seems that he is less willing to change than he made it seem, as he is actually being treated at an outpatient facility.

This means that he gets to spend his nights in hotels with his phone and no supervision.


During one group meeting that he did decide to share in, Weinstein apparently broke into a rant about everyone being against him. The producer seems to think that all of Hollywood is out to get him. Page Six reports he is no longer attending group meetings as he does not get anything out of them while sleeping.

The source also told Page Six that Weinstein is severely in denial about the accusations. He allegedly admitted to "acting like an a--hole," but still says that all his encounters with women were consensual. He apparently claims that he has never raped anyone despite the fact that six women have now come forward with the claim, including actress Rose McGowan.

More and more people continue to speak out about Weinstein's actions every day. Two of his longtime colleagues, Quentin Tarantino and Scott Rosenberg, both admitted this week that they knew about his Sexual Harassment. The two both spoke about how ashamed they are that they never said anything and encouraged others who knew to do the same.