Last year, the announcement to make a “Detective Pikachu” live-action movie shocked many fans. Since the announcement, not much was revealed about the film’s story and premise. However, as it gets closer to its production more and more details are starting to surface. Here’s the latest on “Detective Pikachu” live-action movie.

A manly Pikachu

The “Detective Pikachu” live-action film is really happening. The movie, which will star Pokemon’s beloved mascot Pikachu, is about to start filming. But before all of that starts to happen, fans are wondering about one of the most crucial elements of the film - Detective Pikachu’s voice.

In the original video game of the same name, Pikachu is voiced by Mr. Toru Okawa; a voice actor is known for his deep and manly voice. Anime fans will know him from shows like the original “Full Metal Alchemist” as Roy Mustang and “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” as Rustal Elion. Needless to say, almost all of his roles are mainly composed or adult men.

Now in line with this, it seems that Legendary Pictures is looking at the same profile. The "Hashtags Show" recently reported the names of potential actors to play Pikachu in the live-action film. These actors are said to have been approached by the creative team of the movie and are probably a part of their wishlist for potential voice cast.

However, they are not yet officially confirmed by Legendary Pictures.

The actors include Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson in “Deadpool”), Hugh Jackman (James Howlett/Logan in “Wolverine”, Mark Wahlberg (Cade Yeager in “Transformers: The Last Knight”), and the recently reported Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Maui in “Moana”).

All of these actors seem to be good candidates for Pikachu in the film.

Just like Okawa, their voices are in stark contrast to what the yellow Pokemon is; cute and cuddly. In addition, the different personalities their voices will bring to Pikachu will add more character than the original version.

A recommendation from fans

With these potential actors on the list, what do fans have to say? Who do they really want as “Detective Pikachu?” When the video game’s trailer first arrived, what fans really liked about Pikachu was his voice.

It gave him so much personality that you couldn't help but love him. The contrast was so good, that the English speaking fans thought of only one person who fit the profile.

Even before the live-action movie was announced, fans already chose Mr. Danny DeVito as Detective Pikachu. In the form of a Youtube video, a fan has demonstrated just what it would look like if the actor was to play the Pokemon. Based on the comments section and other fan reactions, it seems that Legendary Pictures should talk to DeVito about the role as well.