The Good Doctor” episode 4 may become an ultimate tearjerker episode when it airs this Monday. It will bring painful memories to Freddie Highmore’s titular role as Dr. Shaun Murphy.

According to ET Online, the autistic doctor will treat a kid with a noticeable resemblance to his late Brother, Steve. It can be recalled that Murphy has been having flashbacks since the premiere episode. It's about childhood and his brother. That is why it is quite nostalgic to see Dylan Kingwell take a new role in the present. Viewers will see Murphy’s attempt to connect with the young boy in episode 5 entitled “Point three percent.”

Shaun Murphy remembers his brother

The new kid in the hospital has already experienced several tests at a young age.

He even joked while Murphy was doing a scan. The young surgeon tried to laugh and connect with him but later on end up talking about his autism condition. Dr. Shaun Murphy explained he has autism, and it’s hard for him to identify social cues, noting that jokes are particularly difficult.

Moreover, the young boy shared that he knows someone named Peter with the same condition. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident, which led Murphy to share about his brother’s death as well.

Another clip for the fourth episode also revealed that Murphy’s new patient has a bone cancer. However, his parents do not want him to be aware of this fact. With this, Murphy believes that the child has the right to know because he is the patient.

In the end, San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital president Dr. Aaron Glassman advised him to let the parents decide. That is because after all, he is still their son.

Nicholas Gonzalez, who plays the role of Shaun’s supervisor Neil Melendez, recently shared his thoughts on the ABC series. The 41-year-old actor said, “I don’t think I could have imagined a better outcome, not just for pure ratings.

We’re storytellers. We want to affect people.” Viewers will soon find out if “The Good Doctor” can continue to keep its amazing ratings.

‘The Good Doctor’ as the highest rated series

Christian Post reported that the new ABC series has defeated the highest rating series “Big Bang Theory.” The freshman show just debuted in September, but the progress of the ratings have shown a great increase.

One cannot imagine how the CBS series lost when it ruled Monday nights for over ten seasons. This is probably the reason why the show was moved to a Thursday night slot starting November 2. “The Good Doctor” episode 5 will air on October 23.