Jeffrey Dean Morgan opened up about Ben Affleck's inappropriate behavior toward his wife, Hilarie Burton, back in 2003. Entertainment Weekly exclusively reported that the 51-year-old actor admitted he did not want to "make a big deal of it because [Burton] didn't." He does applaud all the men and women who have come forward with their stories of sexual abuse who blew the whistle on their predators. He called them "incredibly brave," citing that it is definitely "time for change." The actor admitted he is hopeful that all these discussions will "change this business" and the world would become a safer place for people to speak out about these horrific acts.

Hilarie Burton recalls incident with Ben Affleck

Back in 2003, Ben Affleck was a guest on MTV's "Total Request Live," in which Hilarie Burton was the host. In an awkward segment of the show, Affleck wrapped his arm around Burton and grabbed her breast, the proof of which was allegedly taped. Burton took to Twitter to admit that, at the time, she was young and did not know how to respond to such a violation of personal space. She admitted on Twitter that she hadn't forgotten the incident, and Affleck took to Twitter to apologize 14 years too late. The 35-year-old Burton married "Supernatural" and "The Walking Dead" star Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 2014, and the pair has a seven-year-old son, Augustus.

They are also expecting their second child soon.

Actor remains proud of his wife

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has nothing but praises for his wife, Hilarie Burton, with whom he is expecting a baby girl. During "The Walking Dead's" 100th episode celebration, Morgan shared to ET, that Burton is "the most amazing person" he had ever met and "There's no one stronger than her.

How she's able to balance all the things that she balances and be a strong voice for good is amazing and I just couldn't be more proud." He is currently filming the eighth season of the AMC show.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon linked to Harvey Weinstein scandal

Hilarie Burton's recollection of Ben Affleck groping her on television is just one of the many stories that were made public after the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.

Weinstein's frequent collaborators, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, are under fire for knowing about Weinstein's sexual harassment of Gwyneth Paltrow . Many are criticizing the actors for not blowing the whistle on the former film exec and it has created a lot of fallout in Hollywood.