Maria Amalia Matamoros Solís, Costa Rica’s delegate to Miss Grand International 2017, suffered from a mishap on stage during the pageant’s preliminary competition. She accidentally fell on stage while showcasing her evening gown.

The evening gown of this 27-year-old beauty from Costa Rica was made with white-colored fabric embellished with gold accessories. After she introduced herself, she was still about to make several strides in her long dress.

However, Solis fell on both her knees midway through her walk and before projecting herself at the center stage.

She was able to quickly regain her composure and brought herself back up, flipping her hair and smiling in front of the live audience.

The audience was heard gasping during her fall but this was replaced with loud cheers as the Costa Rican beauty proved to them that the accident was nothing compared to her will to win the pageant. During the swimsuit round, she was able to walk around the stage and strut in her swimwear without any glitches.

Girl with a good heart

Miss Grand Costa Rica Maria Amalia Matamoros Solis has a degree in Business Administration. She loves to travel and discover different cultures around the world, her official profile revealed. She also likes to read books that give her “teaching of life” and share time with her loved ones.

She has a passion for humanitarian work and love people “who need a word of encouragement.” Her profile also indicated that Solis always wants to send her “messages of peace and love” to other people.

“I consider myself as a persevering person, a kind woman who fights for her ideals, who gives herself to respect for the values that were installed in me since I was a child because my parents taught me moral and ethical values and thanks to them, I am the woman I am today,” she added.

Coronation night

The coronation night of Miss Grand International 2017 was held at Vinpearl Resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam on October 25. Over 70 delegates competed for the coveted title in one of the most prestigious beauty tilts in the world.

Costa Rica’s Maria Solis successfully made it through the Top 20 semi-finalists during the coronation night.

She joined other candidates in the semi-finals such as the ladies from Ukraine, Australia, Czech Republic, Paraguay, Mexico, and the Philippines. Also on the list were candidates from Vietnam, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Peru, South Sudan, China, Russia, India, Laos, Venezuela, and the Netherlands.

However, she failed to make it through the Top 10 finalists. Indonesia’s Ariska Putri Pertiwi will crown the new winner at the end of the night.