Fans who are passionate about Betty and Jughead on "Riverdale" season 2 need not worry, as the pair are staying strong this season. Despite creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's hints on some relationship troubles coming up ahead for the pair, it seems that the two will be able to weather that storm, according to Lili Reinhart. The 21-year old actress spoke to TVLine to clear up any confusion as to where Betty's loyalty lies. She admitted that she doesn't believe Betty still has feelings for Archie. In fact, she clarified that Betty is totally "in love with Jughead, and is happy being with him." Aguirre-Sacasa did hint, however, that it may be Archie who may have feelings for Betty despite being with Veronica.

Now that Archie is forever changed after the attempted murder of his father, he may have some new epiphanies about his life choices.

Jughead and Betty remain a 'solid duo'

According to Lili Reinhart, Betty and Jughead's relationship will be stronger than ever in "Riverdale" season 2, despite the rocky road ahead of them. The second episode of the season saw Betty standing up against Cheryl and threatening her to expose the video of Cheryl's father killing Jason if Cheryl did not testify and claim leniency for FP Jones' contribution to the crime. Reinhart pointed out that Betty is "[putting] put herself out on a limb" to support Jughead's endeavors. While this isn't exactly the return of "Dark Betty," it is Betty standing up for what she thinks is right and being a "warrior for her friends," Reinhart explained.

Lili Reinhart on Archie's 'wandering eye'

Archie isn't one to play games, but fans would remember that in the previous season, he dated a few girls here and there (including the now dead Ms. Grundy). Lili Reinhart admitted that while Betty doesn't have feelings for Archie anymore, it's Archie who may still have the hots for Betty.

She said that he has a "wandering eye," which fans got a glimpse of during the last season finale. Of course, this is something that Veronica immediately picked up on, but Archie quickly brushed it off. Reinhart's interpretation of that longing look is that he was aspiring to have that same bond between Betty and Jughead, which he may not yet see between himself and his girlfriend, Veronica.

In "Riverdale" season 2, fans will get to see how Archie deals with the aftermath of his father's shooting and how Veronica will deal with her parents, who seem to be lying and scheming against her while keeping their own secrets.