Javi Marroquin seemed to be optimistic about his chances of getting back together with his estranged wife, Kailyn Lowry, as they both decided to film "marriage boot camp." He revealed he wanted to get back with her, but he called her a liar and a cheater in the same sentence. Perhaps he wanted to get back together with Kailyn after hearing an apology from the "Teen Mom 2," but she wasn't ready to apologize for anything and she wanted out of the marriage. A second chance didn't seem to be an option for her.

Even though the show was filmed months ago, it sounds like things have only gotten better since then.

They aren't fighting anymore and it sounds like things are so good that they can kiss one another without thinking they are back together. According to a new Instagram post, Javi Marroquin is now revealing what the kiss meant, as a picture surfaced of him planting a kiss on Kailyn's cheek on Thursday night.

What did the kiss mean?

So, what did the kiss mean? On Thursday, Javi and Kailyn Lowry were hanging out in New York, as they were at the "Marriage Boot Camp" premiere party. The show started Friday night, but it sounds like things were going great between them. While posting the photo, Marroquin revealed that he had respect for his ex-wife and he was glad that they could now get along for the sake of the kids.

He also revealed that they could now be civil with one another and be in the same room without fighting. This is progress for them.

Marroquin also revealed that he felt they were doing a great job raising the children. Of course, Marroquin and Kailyn only have one child together, but he could be referring to Isaac, as he also has a relationship to Jo Rivera's son.

It's clear that he is trying to be in Isaac's life, as he has been a father figure for Isaac for years.

Hoping for a second chance?

On "Marriage Boot Camp," Javi Marroquin revealed that he was hoping for a second chance. He hoped they could get back together and during the first night in the house, he tried to snuggle up to her.

But she pushed him away, revealing that she filed for divorce for a reason and she wouldn't be going back to him. However, these days it sounds like Marroquin is trying to move on. While he may still be open for a chance with her, he may not want to deal with the baby she just gave birth to.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin's explanation of them kissing at the event? Do you think it is a surprise that he posted the picture, but Kailyn didn't?